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Apothecary by Tiny Heirloom

From Oregon-based Tiny Heirloom is the Apothecary. The tiny home features an inverted loft with main floor bedroom and an upstairs living room with extra headroom.

The exterior has vertical wood siding with a horizontal accent piece and an inset front door, allowing for a covered patio.

In the kitchen is a blue tile backsplash, black counter, and copper sink. The kitchen is equipped with a three burner gas cooktop with venting hood, stove, and apartment size refrigerator.

Behind the kitchen is the staircase leading up to the living room, where you’ll find an open bookcase with adjustable shelves, a large picture window, and sloped ceiling. Below the living room is the main floor bedroom, and at the other end of the house is the bathroom with a beautiful glass vessel sink.

For more information about the Apothecary, please contact Tiny Heirloom.

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Kitchen - Apothecary by Tiny Heirloom

Main Floor Bedroom - Apothecary by Tiny Heirloom

Living Room - Apothecary by Tiny Heirloom

Storage Shelves - Apothecary by Tiny Heirloom

Shelving - Apothecary by Tiny Heirloom

Bedroom & Living Room - Apothecary by Tiny Heirloom

Glass Vessel Sink - Apothecary by Tiny Heirloom

Images © Tiny Heirloom

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