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Valhalla by Baluchon

With its inverted loft space, the Valhalla by Baluchon provides a main floor kid’s bedroom and upstairs lounge area. This tiny house was built as a primary residence for a couple, Lena and Lambert, and their son, Issac.

The 6-meter tiny home has two-tone cladding, combining red cedar and white painted siding. At each end of the home are five open support beams. There are several windows, including two long panoramic windows and three circular windows. The blue front door, roof, and window frames add a nice splash of color to the home.

As you first enter the Valhalla you’ll find a bookcase to the right and large desk to the left. Above the desk are floating steps leading up to the master bedroom loft. The first two step slide under the desk when not in use.

The walls, flooring, and ceiling are made from planed natural spruce and raw white spruce, providing a bright living space.

The kitchen is equipped with a two burner gas cooktop, mini oven, under counter refrigerator, and solid oak counter. There is also a double-flow VMC air exchange.

The upstairs lounge includes a large sofa bed, coffee table, and two shelves. Below the lounge is the main floor bedroom with two built-in wardrobes and room for a double bed.

In the bathroom is a 80x80cm shower, dry toilet with stainless bucket, and chip compartment.

For more information about the Valhalla, please contact Baluchon.

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Images © Baluchon

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