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Nano by Baluchon

How tiny can tiny homes get? The Nano by Baluchon sits on a 3.3-meter (~10.8-foot) trailer and still has sleeping space for three! The pint-sized tiny home will be used as a pied-à-terre for the owners’ fishing weekends.

The exterior of the Nano is clad in red cedar and black standing seam aluminum. A full light front door, round window, and three other windows around the house provide abundant natural light.

A desk doubles as the dining table and faces the round window. Next to the desk is a built-in comb-style bench sofa that slides out into a bed for two. There are two drawers under the sofa and a cabinet on the desk. All of the cabinets and drawers have leather pulls.

Above the sofa is a single loft with safety net. The loft is accessed via a wall-mounted pipe ladder.

A simple kitchenette includes a two-burner cooktop, sink with integrated drainboard, and a small refrigerator.

Behind the barn-style door is a dry toilet and a 70x70cm shower.

For more information about the Nano, please contact Baluchon.

Also available from Baluchon:

Cedar/Metal Exterior - Nano by Baluchon

Exterior View - Nano by Baluchon

Modern Lighting - Nano by Baluchon

Interior View - Nano by Baluchon

Main Living Area - Nano by Baluchon

Kitchenette & Living Room - Nano by Baluchon

Full Light Front Door - Nano by Baluchon

Kitchenette - Nano by Baluchon

Desk/Dining Table - Nano by Baluchon

Built-In Sofa - Nano by Baluchon

Comb Bench Seating - Nano by Baluchon

Main Floor Bed - Nano by Baluchon

Loft w/ Safety Net - Nano by Baluchon

Pipe Ladder - Nano by Baluchon

Barn Door - Nano by Baluchon

Leather Pulls - Nano by Baluchon

Shower - Nano by Baluchon

Dry Toilet - Nano by Baluchon

Images © Baluchon

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