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Ondine by Baluchon

Built by French tiny home builder, Baluchon, for a masseur looking to settle in the Alps, the Ondine will allow the owner to practice his profession from home. The Japanese style tiny home has a large lounge area with room to set up a massage table and freely move around it.

The owner, Horazio, chose to use tatami mats and a simple coffee table in the living room when he isn’t working. The massage table can be stored in the storage loft above the living room, which is accessed by an oak ladder. Across from the storage loft is the bedroom loft with a Japanese storage staircase leading up to it.

The kitchen features a gas cooktop, gas under counter refrigerator, and stainless steel sink. A Dickinson wood stove keeps the house warm in the winter.

The bathroom includes a gas water heater, 80x80cm shower, and dry toilet with chip compartment. A small wall-mounted washing machine is also included.

For more information about the Ondine, you can contact Baluchon.

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French Tiny Home - Ondine by Baluchon

Tatami Mats - Ondine by Baluchon

Living Room - Ondine by Baluchon

Wardrobe - Ondine by Baluchon

Japanese Stairs - Ondine by Baluchon

Kitchen - Ondine by Baluchon

Gas Range - Ondine by Baluchon

Sink - Ondine by Baluchon

View From Loft - Ondine by Baluchon

Bedroom Loft - Ondine by Baluchon

Oak Ladder - Ondine by Baluchon

Dickinson Wood Stove - Ondine by Baluchon

Shower - Ondine by Baluchon

Toilet - Ondine by Baluchon

Images © Baluchon

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