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Ellebore by Baluchon

Ellebore by Baluchon

In the picturesque landscapes of Eastern France, the Ellèbore stands as a testament to innovative tiny house living. Designed and built by Baluchon, this quaint abode redefines the norms of compact living spaces with its unique architectural layout and thoughtful design elements.

The Ellèbore is not just a house; it’s the beloved home of Camille and Gladys, who have chosen to embrace the tiny house movement as their primary living solution.

Living Room - Ellebore by Baluchon

An Upside-Down Design

What sets the Ellèbore apart in the tiny house industry is its unconventional arrangement. Breaking away from traditional layouts, the living room is ingeniously situated on the upper level, while the bedroom is nestled below. This atypical configuration provides a fresh perspective on space utilization in tiny homes.

The inclusion of large windows magnifies this effect, flooding the space with natural light and creating a seamless connection with the outdoors.

A Kitchen that Welcomes

Upon entering the Ellèbore, one is greeted by a warm and functional kitchen. The space is anchored by a piece of furniture topped with a robust oak worktop, equipped with everything necessary for culinary adventures.

A distinctive feature is the wood-burning stove, accompanied by its maintenance accessories, adding a touch of rustic charm. Thoughtfully, a dedicated drawer caters to the feline member of the family, storing all essentials from litter to toys.

Kitchen - Ellebore by Baluchon

Ingenious Staircase Storage

The journey to the upper level is facilitated by a cleverly designed four-step staircase, which houses storage solutions. The first two steps are removable, ingeniously doubling as a step-stool to access higher storage areas. This multi-functional design exemplifies the ingenious use of space in tiny house living.

A Living Room with a View

The mezzanine, secured by a large spruce claustra, hosts a comfortable and functional living area. An office space tucked behind offers a serene spot for work or study.

The living room is furnished with a convertible sofa, an elegant oak coffee table, and ample storage niches, blending functionality with style.

A Cozy Bedroom Retreat

On the ground floor, a spacious bedroom accommodates a 160×200 cm bed, offering a cozy retreat. Privacy is ensured by a sliding door, making the space both intimate and versatile.

A Compact, Functional Bathroom

The bathroom, located at the end of this tiny house, is a marvel of space efficiency. It features an 80×80 cm shower, dry toilets with a stainless steel bucket, and the unique addition of a Poopstep for comfort.

Above the bathroom, additional storage space is thoughtfully included.

For more information about the Ellèbore, please contact Baluchon.

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