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Bois Perdus by Baluchon

Bois Perdus by Baluchon

Tucked away in the charming city of Nantes, France, “Bois Perdus” stands as a shining example of how tiny houses are revolutionizing living spaces. This adorable little dwelling, crafted by Baluchon, is a dynamic, adaptable space designed for Laure, a digital technology professional with a passion for sewing.

This tiny house reflects a perfect blend of professional needs and personal passions. At its heart lies a large ash desk, specially crafted to accommodate Laure’s extensive computer setup, including a sizeable 34-inch screen.

A Workspace Transformed into a Home

Initially, Bois Perdus will serve as Laure’s workspace, eventually transitioning into her primary residence.

As Bois Perdus transitions from a workspace to Laure’s main abode, she has plans to install a kitchen unit. This addition will undoubtedly make the tiny house fully equipped for everyday living, blending work, hobbies, and the essentials of daily life in one charming, efficient space.

White Roof & Trim - Bois Perdus by Baluchon

Sewing Nook: Where Creativity Unfolds

Laure’s love for sewing is beautifully integrated into the design. A cleverly designed fold-down table, which tucks away into the stairs when not in use, provides a dedicated space for her sewing adventures.

Right beside it, a shelving unit offers ample storage for her sewing machine and colorful fabrics.

Blurring the Lines Between Inside and Outside

One of the most captivating features of Bois Perdus is its large openings that create a seamless inside-outside experience. These generous windows not only flood the space with natural light but also connect the indoors with the outdoors.

The white roof is a thoughtful addition, playing a crucial role in reducing overheating during the balmy summer months.

A Cozy and Illuminated Bedroom Retreat

Upstairs, the bedroom is a cozy haven featuring a double bed flanked by two petite nightstands. The room’s gable is adorned with a large tapestry, adding a touch of elegance and warmth.

An ash-framed LED strip discreetly provides soft, ambient lighting, perfect for unwinding in the evenings. Safety is also key, with a crossed rope securing the mezzanine’s edge.

A Bathroom That Marries Functionality with Style

The bathroom in Bois Perdus houses an 80×100 cm shower enclosed with glass doors, a sizable sink, a handy storage unit, and an eco-friendly dry toilet with a stainless steel bucket. This space is compact yet lacks nothing in terms of functionality and style.

Bois Perdus by Baluchon is a testament to the ingenious ways small spaces can be transformed to fit diverse lifestyles. It’s a home that adapts, a workspace that inspires, and a creative retreat all rolled into one.

For more information about the Bois Perdus, please contact Baluchon.

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