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Utopia by Baluchon

With its floor-to-ceiling living room window, the Utopia provides a great way to enjoy your surroundings from the comfort of home. The 6-meter tiny home was built by Baluchon and based on the Escapade model they built in 2016.

The contemporary design uses a mix of heat-treated ash around the terrace and whitewashed red cedar on the exterior. Natural and white spruce were used for the interior walls, and the stairs and table were made out of oak.

The lounge area is set up to take full advantage of the incredible view, and the dining table for two is set up in front of a window. The L-shaped kitchen is equipped with a two burner cooktop, under counter refrigerator, and stainless steel sink.

The bedroom loft has a rope railing and built-in dresser. Below the loft is the bathroom with deep tub and composting toilet.

The house was built as a primary residence for a couple living outside of Paris. For more information about the Utopia, please contact Baluchon.

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Interior View - Utopia by Baluchon

Dining Table - Utopia by Baluchon

Full Height Window - Utopia by Baluchon

Oak Stairs - Utopia by Baluchon

Table w/ View - Utopia by Baluchon

Kitchen - Utopia by Baluchon

Upper Cabinet - Utopia by Baluchon

Storage Space - Utopia by Baluchon

Bedroom Loft - Utopia by Baluchon

Loft Railing - Utopia by Baluchon

Contemporary Design - Utopia by Baluchon

Windows - Utopia by Baluchon

Living Room - Utopia by Baluchon

Shelving - Utopia by Baluchon

Deep Tub - Utopia by Baluchon

Compost Toilet - Utopia by Baluchon

Images © Baluchon

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