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Golden Hour by Baluchon

Golden Hour by Baluchon

In the world of minimalist living, the tiny house movement has taken center stage. Offering a unique blend of compact living and sustainable design, tiny houses have captured the hearts and imaginations of many seeking a simpler, more eco-conscious lifestyle.

One remarkable example of this trend is the “Golden Hour” tiny house, built by the renowned French company Baluchon.

Letting in the Light

Coline, the proud owner of the Golden Hour, envisioned a tiny house that maximized natural light and embraced the beauty of the outdoors. To bring this vision to life, the tiny house features an abundance of large windows that not only flood the interior with sunlight but also create a strong connection to the surrounding environment.

The trailer itself is painted in a striking oxide red, perfectly matching the color of the roofing and exterior joinery, giving the Golden Hour a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

Exterior View - Golden Hour by Baluchon

A Tiny House Tailored to Coline’s Needs

One unique aspect of the Golden Hour is its custom design tailored to Coline’s specific needs and preferences. Standing at 1.52 meters (~5’0″) tall, Coline required some adjustments to make the tiny house comfortable for her.

The kitchen worktops were lowered slightly to accommodate her stature, ensuring ease of use. An intermediate landing above the sink not only provides access but also increases the ceiling height in the bedroom, adding a touch of spaciousness to the tiny abode. Access to the bedroom is made effortless with a custom staircase featuring metal stringers and oak steps.

A Cozy Living Space

The living area of the Golden Hour is both cozy and functional. It features a comfortable sofa, a generously-sized wall shelf, a wood stove for warmth, and two large oak chests that double as shoe storage and the first step to the bedroom staircase. This space is an inviting haven that combines practicality with charm.

Kitchen - Golden Hour by Baluchon

The Heart of the Home: The Kitchen

Cooking was a top priority for Coline, and the Golden Hour doesn’t disappoint. The kitchen boasts two units with ample worktop space and an abundance of storage compartments and equipment.

Additionally, there’s a wardrobe unit and another unit opposite, incorporating large felt storage baskets, ensuring that everything has its place.

A Bathroom Oasis

Tucked away at the end of the tiny house, the bathroom is a sanctuary of comfort and functionality.

It includes an 80x80cm shower, dry toilets with a stainless steel bucket and shavings compartment, and a small electric towel dryer, providing all the essential amenities in a compact space.

The Technical Details

The Golden Hour is built on a Baluchon trailer with a useful length of 6 meters. Its framework is constructed from Class 2 spruce, while its insulation features eco-friendly materials such as cotton, linen, and hemp for floors, walls, and the ceiling.

The mixed wood/aluminum joinery with double glazing ensures energy efficiency. Household equipment includes a De Dietrich electric water heater, electric oven, and Klarstein gas hob for a convenient living experience.

Thoughtful Additions

One standout feature of the Golden Hour is the mezzanine landing that enhances the bedroom’s ceiling height. This small yet ingenious addition creates a feeling of spaciousness in the bedroom, making the tiny house feel larger than it is.

Sustainability at Its Core

Sustainability is a core principle of the Golden Hour. It boasts a Proclimat rain shield and OuatEco vapor brake for effective weatherproofing, Lunos double-flow VMC + air extractor for ventilation, and LED lighting for energy efficiency. Heating is provided by a wood stove, a sustainable choice that adds to the charm of the living space.

The Golden Hour: A Dream Come True

The Golden Hour tiny house, built by Baluchon, is not just a compact living space; it’s a work of art designed to meet the unique needs and desires of its owner, Coline.

With its abundant natural light, thoughtful design, and sustainability at its core, it’s a shining example of what can be achieved in the world of tiny house living. As it settles in Rhône-Alpes as Coline’s main home, it will undoubtedly continue to inspire others to embrace a simpler, more sustainable way of life.

For more information about the Golden Hour, please contact Baluchon.

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