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Odyssee by Baluchon

Based out of Nantes, France, tiny house company Baluchon created this custom 217-square-foot tiny house on wheels for their clients. The unique layout features an elevated living area above a short room that’s used as a guest bedroom.

The 20′ exterior consists of red cedar and Yakisugi Douglas fir siding. The entry door is inset just enough to allow for a covered porch and large triangle windows on either side of the tiny house allow for good cross-ventilation.

The kitchen has a sink, stove, and a fold down dining table that can be stored away when not in use. The owners are vegetarians and only wanted a small sandbox to keep vegetables cool instead of using a refrigerator.

Also available from Baluchon:

Tiny House with Porch - Odyssee by Baluchon

Tiny House Interior - Odyssee by Baluchon

Elevated Living Room - Odyssee by Baluchon

Kitchen Sink & Window - Odyssee by Baluchon

Dining Table - Odyssee by Baluchon

Bedroom - Odyssee by Baluchon

Cooktop - Odyssee by Baluchon

Ladder Detail - Odyssee by Baluchon

Front Porch Detail - Odyssee by Baluchon

Bathroom - Odyssee by Baluchon

Images © Baluchon

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