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Flamenco by Baluchon

Custom built by Baluchon, the Flamenco is a modern-day version of a caravan. A curved red aluminum roof wraps down each side of the house.

The roof’s arched shape creates a large overhang at each end of the tiny house. At one end is the covered entryway with sliding double doors and an arched transom window over the doors. The exterior wood finishes are a combination of natural red cedar and whitewashed red cedar.

As you enter the Flamenco you’ll see the rounded ceiling with an exposed truss. The truss adds support for the roof, plus it creates a nice design element in the home. The walls and ceiling are white spruce.

The owner, Aline, wanted a main floor bed, so the living room sofa converts into her bed. The loft above the bathroom is used as a storage space, but it could fit a double bed.

The kitchen is outfitted with an electric oven, two burner gas cooktop, clay blocks to store wine bottles, and a small refrigerator.

Across from the kitchen is a dining table that seats four. The table can be moved into the living room and seat six people.

Just outside the bathroom is a large wardrobe with three large drawers and room for hanging clothes.

The bathroom includes an 80x80cm shower and a dry toilet with stainless bucket and shavings compartment.

For more information about the Flamenco, please contact Baluchon.

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Images © Baluchon

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