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Epona by Baluchon

Epona by Baluchon

Innovative Architecture and Abundant Natural Light

The Epona by Baluchon stands out with its distinctive design, featuring pointed roof ladders and a large glass façade that floods the interior with natural light. This architectural marvel creates an ambiance that is both welcoming and airy.

Living Room Bliss

Stepping into the Epona’s living room, you’ll find a cozy sofa and a versatile acacia coffee table/chest. The living room is not just a gathering place; it’s also the beating heart of this tiny house.

During colder months, a small 1500w radiant heater, discreetly mounted on one of the living room walls, ensures warmth throughout the entire space.

Window Wall - Epona by Baluchon

A Dream Kitchen with Smart Storage

The kitchen in the Epona is a marvel of efficiency and organization. It boasts ample storage space, a refrigerator, a stainless steel sink, a hot water tank, and gas hobs. An extension of the kitchen furniture features a table that comfortably accommodates two for meals or serves as a workspace for the new owner, Charlotte.

The large worktop and backsplash are beautifully crafted from solid oak. To keep the air fresh and healthy, a double-flow VMC system is thoughtfully integrated into this space.

The Gateway to the Upper Floor

Ascending to the upper floor is an experience in itself, thanks to a cleverly designed staircase. This staircase not only provides access to the loft but also houses a generous fridge/freezer and additional storage space, making it a practical and functional element of the Epona’s design.

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Spacious Mezzanine Living

The mezzanine in the Epona is remarkably spacious, measuring a generous 3.5 meters in length. This ample room allows for the possibility of accommodating two double beds comfortably. Along the edge of the loft, a substantial 2.15-meter oak shelf adds character and offers a perfect spot for decorative items or as a personal library.

Bathroom Serenity

The Epona’s bathroom is designed for comfort and convenience. It features an 80x80cm shower and dry toilets complete with a stainless steel bucket and shavings compartment, ensuring practicality while maintaining the tiny house’s eco-friendly ethos.

The Versatile Rear Room

A sliding door leads to a final room at the back of the tiny house, serving as Charlotte’s storage haven for her riding equipment.

Two oak saddle racks have been thoughtfully installed to keep her gear organized. This room is accessible directly from the outside, offering convenience for both Charlotte and her furry friend.

Speaking of which, Charlotte’s cat can access the house through this space thanks to an electronic cat flap equipped with medallion detection. To maximize storage, numerous shelves are strategically placed throughout the room.

Home Sweet Tiny House

The Epona has found its home in Bayonne, serving as Charlotte’s main residence. With its clever design, ample storage, and thoughtful features, this tiny house is not just a dwelling but a testament to innovation and practicality in compact living. Baluchon’s Epona truly embodies the essence of living large in a small space.

For more information about the Epona, please contact Baluchon.

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