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Epona by Baluchon

From Nantes, France-based Baluchon is the Epona, a 6-meter (~20-foot) traditional style tiny house on wheels. The home features a large window wall with full light entry door.

The exterior of the Epona is similar to some of Baluchon’s other models with its mix of natural and white stained red cedar. The interior finishes include planed natural spruce, raw white spruce, and raw red cedar.

A sofa, coffee table, and acacia chest are arranged in the living room. The solid oak kitchen counter extends into the living room area to provide a dining table for two and a workspace for the homeowner, Charlotte. In the living room walls is a 1500w radiator that heats the whole house.

The kitchen is equipped with a two burner gas cooktop, refrigerator under the stairs, and large single bowl sink. There are several storage options between the storage stairs, base cabinets, and open shelves.

A large 3.5-meter (~11-foot) bedroom loft can fit a king bed or two double beds. With one bed in the loft, there is plenty of room for a lounge area. There is also a built-in oak dresser.

Below the bedroom loft is the bathroom with an 80x80cm shower and dry toilet.

At the rear of the home is a storage room with two oak saddle holders where Charlotte can store her riding equipment. This storage room is accessed by its own entry door. The door also has an electronic pet door for her cat.

For more information about the Epona, please contact Baluchon.

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Images © Baluchon

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