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Mirasol by Baluchon

Mirasol by Baluchon

The Mirasol tiny house, built by Baluchon, features a versatile foldable exterior bar made from chestnut. Positioned alongside a wide panoramic sliding window, it offers a perfect spot for social gatherings.

Alexandra, the owner, intends to add a terrace spanning the house’s length, complete with stools for enjoying the bar with friends.

For winter food storage, an outdoor wardrobe minimizes dependence on the electric refrigerator inside, providing practical solutions for seasonal needs.

Two Tone Exterior - Mirasol by Baluchon

Inside, the Mirasol’s lounge includes a convertible corner sofa and efficient inertial electric heating. Clever storage solutions like hangers and an oak shoe storage unit double as a coffee table or extra seating. A spacious wall shelf above the sofa gives Alexandra ample space for her books.

The kitchen is designed with a nearly three-meter-long oak worktop that extends into a table, enhancing functionality. Additional storage is provided by another kitchen cabinet and a large wardrobe across from it.

In the bathroom, an 80×80 cm shower and dry toilet with a stainless steel bucket and shaving compartment offer modern conveniences.

Access to the upper room, where a double bed is situated, is provided by a removable ladder, maximizing space efficiency.

Alexandra has made Mirasol her primary residence, enjoying the comfort and practicality of her tiny house in the southwest of France.

For more information about the Mirasol, please contact Baluchon.

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Images © Baluchon