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Midgard by Baluchon

Midgard by Baluchon

The Midgard tiny house, crafted by Baluchon in Nantes, France, has been specially commissioned by Jean-Louis and Cathy. It will be placed in their garden next to their home and will serve as a residence for their son, William. This arrangement will allow William to have his own living space and gain independence while staying close to his family.

The architecture of the house is notably characterized by the two hip roofs on either side of the structure.

Aerial View of Interior - Midgard by Baluchon

Living Area: The living area includes:

  • A storage unit.
  • A convertible sofa.
  • A desk.
  • Additional storage space in a mini-mezzanine above.

Kitchen: The L-shaped kitchen is fully equipped for preparing delicious meals. It features:

  • A foldable table that can seat two people.
  • Electric inertia heating to keep the tiny house warm during the cold season.

Bathroom: The bathroom in this tiny house is quite spacious and includes:

  • Dry toilets with a stainless steel bucket and a compartment for wood chips.
  • An 80×80 cm shower.
  • A storage column.
  • A unit with a hand basin.

Bedroom: In the mezzanine bedroom, you’ll find:

  • A double bed.
  • A headboard unit with storage.

For more information about the Midgard, please contact Baluchon.

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Images © Baluchon