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Sherpa by Baluchon

Sherpa by Baluchon

Baluchon’s Sherpa tiny house, drawing inspiration from its predecessor, the Sauvage, stands as a testament to thoughtful design and space efficiency.

With one facade strikingly clad in anthracite grey aluminum, the Sherpa captures a modern aesthetic.

The lounge area, featuring a full-height carpentry design, floods the space with natural light, enhancing the ambiance of the entire house.

Full Height Windows Along Side of Tiny House - Sherpa by Baluchon

Upon entry, practicality greets you. A bench, positioned to the right, serves a dual purpose – a spot for shoe storage and seating. Directly above, a claustra crafted from ash wood, adorned with hooks, adds a touch of elegance and functionality.

The living room bench, a model of adaptability, transforms to accommodate two visitors. Above this versatile furniture, a spacious wall shelf and a double-flow VMC unit are strategically placed for optimal living comfort.

The kitchen, the heart of the Sherpa, features a foldable ash table with seating up to three, ingeniously converts to free up space as needed. The compact kitchen cabinet, topped with an ash worktop, ingeniously houses all essential culinary tools.

As you ascend the storage-integrated staircase, you are greeted by a cozy loft. This upper level, not only a sleeping area with a 140x190cm bed but also a mini library, maximizes the use of vertical space. The safety of this mezzanine is assured by two ash railings, blending security with style.

The bathroom, surprisingly spacious for a tiny house, includes a 70×100 cm shower enclosed with glass, dry toilets with a chip compartment, a lengthy wall shelf, and a capacious cabinet for clothes. This room also features a single-flow VMC and automated lighting, activated by a motion detector, underscoring the house’s commitment to modern conveniences.

Finally, the Sherpa tiny house, a true embodiment of compact luxury and practical design, has found its home with Marie-José and Sylvie in Maine-et-Loire, France, marking the beginning of a new chapter in tiny house living.

For more information about the Sherpa, please contact Baluchon.

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Large Kitchen Window - Sherpa by Baluchon
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Images © Baluchon