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Bonzai by Baluchon

Bonzai by Baluchon

In a world where minimalism meets mobility, Josselin from France has embarked on a unique adventure with his tiny house, Bonzai. Measuring only 4.5 meters in length, Bonzai offers its owner the promise of ultimate mobility without sacrificing comfort.

Built by Baluchon, this tiny marvel is designed to follow Josselin on his professional pursuits in England while reflecting his passion for Japan in every detail.

Japan-Inspired Architecture

From the moment you lay eyes on Bonzai, its Japanese influence is unmistakable. The house boasts a distinctive curved frame, striking red and black aluminum coverings, and a captivating bull’s eye window located on the gable.

But the true gem of Bonzai is its roof terrace, accessible via a custom-made ladder fixed outside. This feature allows Josselin to enjoy an elevated outdoor relaxation space, regardless of where he parks his tiny house.

Living Room - Bonzai by Baluchon

Efficient Design

Bonzai’s design is as practical as it is beautiful.

Accessible from the boom side of the trailer, the entrance leads to a well-thought-out bathroom. This space features a spacious 80x150cm shower tray with a wooden grating, allowing for shoe storage without any mess. Additionally, a wooden drying rack hangs from the shower ceiling. In this area, you’ll also find the dry toilet with a stainless steel bucket and shavings compartment, as well as convenient storage space above.

Functional Kitchen

The kitchen in Bonzai is a testament to efficient use of space. It includes an oak worktop unit, a sink/hob combination, a sliding worktop extension, a pantry, and multiple high and low storage compartments.

Opposite the kitchen, a large unit with cupboards and drawers provides ample storage space for Josselin’s clothes.

Cozy Living Space

Separated from the rest of the house by a beautiful sliding door crafted from oak and Washi paper (traditional Japanese paper), the living room in Bonzai exudes warmth and comfort.

Two tatami mats cover the floor, creating a cozy atmosphere. Underneath the raised kitchen, four large storage drawers open to the living room side, offering additional storage options.

This room also features a wood stove and its maintenance accessories, a folding oak table, six wall shelves, and a row of high cupboards above the bull’s eye window.

The central compartment can accommodate Josselin’s video projector, which unfolds directly opposite to a convenient screen. A soundbar is installed just above the screen for a complete entertainment experience.

Smart Sleeping Arrangements

Josselin’s futon is cleverly stored behind the Washi door when not in use. For a good night’s sleep, it can be unrolled onto the tatami mats and hung on a custom bar located above the large sliding window to be aired as needed.

Bonzai: A Year-Round Home on Wheels

Josselin has chosen to make Bonzai his year-round home, primarily traveling around England. With its compact size and thoughtful design, this tiny house represents the perfect fusion of mobility and comfort.

Inspired by Japan, it’s a testament to the art of minimalist living, offering its owner the freedom to pursue his professional projects while living in style and harmony with nature.

For more information about the Bonzai, please contact Baluchon.

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