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Gooseneck Tiny Homes

What is a gooseneck tiny home?

These homes are built on a gooseneck trailer (aka 5th wheel), which attaches onto a hitch in the bed of a truck instead of at the bumper. The gooseneck tongue typically ranges from five to ten feet long and sits a few feet above the main deck.

The gooseneck tongue is most commonly used as the foundation for the master bedroom, allowing for more headroom than a traditional loft while still separating the bedroom from the main living area.

There are normally four or five steps up into this section, rather than a full set of stairs or ladder.

Retreat by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

Why choose a gooseneck tiny home?

Gooseneck trailers provide increased stability and enhanced maneuverability over bumper pull trailers, making them safer and easier to tow. With their better weight distribution, they also have higher weight carrying capacities.

For those wanting a larger space while staying mobile, a gooseneck tiny home is most likely your best option. Because part of the home is over the bed of the truck, it is common for there to be 40-foot goosenecks (examples below) with over 300-square-feet of living space.

Below are several examples of gooseneck tiny homes from different builders.

Photo Credit: The above photo is the Retreat by Timbercraft Tiny Homes.

  • Santa Fe by SimBLISSity Tiny Homes
    The Santa Fe is a 33-foot gooseneck tiny house built by SimBLISSity Tiny Homes in Lyons, Colorado. The southwest style home offers a stand-up bedroom over the gooseneck. The Santa Fe was built on a Trailer Made tiny home trailer with three 7,000lb axles. The main deck is 26-feet long and the gooseneck is 7-feet … Read more
  • Mid-Century Marfa by Kim Lewis
    Built on two gooseneck trailers, the 380-square-foot Mid-Century Marfa was designed by Austin-based Kim Lewis. The colorful tiny house features a removable deck and screened-in porch with Parasoleil copper panels. The exterior combines white painted siding with dark wood accent pieces. The two trailers fit together in an L-shape with a breezeway between them, making … Read more
  • Mini Mansion by Tiny House Chattanooga
    From Tiny House Chattanooga is the Mini Mansion, a 39-foot gooseneck tiny house. The 312-square-foot home has a 32-foot deck and 7-foot gooseneck. The house was built using steel framing, Quality Edge gray metal siding, and a metal roof. Four-foot full light double entry doors have built-in blinds. The Mini Mansion has a white interior … Read more
  • Denali XL by Timbercraft Tiny Homes
    From Timbercraft Tiny Homes is this stunning 42-foot Denali XL. Timbercraft increased the length of the original Denali by five feet and also expanded the width to 9.5-feet, giving it a total of 399-square-feet. The custom gooseneck tiny home has four powered skylights with wall-mounted remote and rain sensors so they automatically close when it … Read more
  • Kay’s Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes
    From Fort Collins, Colorado-based MitchCraft Tiny Homes is this 29’x10′ gooseneck tiny house, custom built for their client, Kay. The home has a huge closet and spacious sleeping area over the gooseneck. The custom tiny house was built on an oversized 10-foot wide trailer. The exterior is a mix of wood shingles and board and … Read more
  • Olivia by Tiny House Building Company
    This 40-foot gooseneck tiny house is the Olivia and was built by Virginia-based Tiny House Building Company. The home has approximately 425-square-feet of living space between the main floor and lofts. The Olivia provides an abundant amount of storage space, including a custom hide-away storage staircase that takes up less floorspace than a typical staircase … Read more
  • Canada Goose by Mint Tiny House Company
    The Canada Goose is a gorgeous 42-foot gooseneck tiny house built by Mint Tiny House Company in Vancouver, British Columbia. The home includes a large bedroom over the gooseneck hitch and a bedroom loft with stair access. Built on a triple-axle trailer, the gooseneck tiny home features all-wood siding and a metal roof. The rustic … Read more
  • Tiny Traveling Dream Home by Tiny Heirloom
    A Seattle, Washington couple hired the Tiny Heirloom team to build a tiny house so they could downsize and travel with their twin toddler boys. The boys’ room is located over the gooseneck and has room for two beds and 40-cubic-feet of storage. The gooseneck tiny home is 34-feet long and has 270-square-feet of living … Read more
  • Wandering on Wheels Tiny Home
    The Wandering on Wheels Tiny Home was designed and built by Brian & Skyler Thomas, both of whom hold Building Construction degrees and work in the construction industry. They built the house in Mississippi and then moved out to western Colorado where they lived in it for a couple years. The gooseneck tiny house was … Read more
  • Phoenix by Wind River Tiny Homes
    The Phoenix by Wind River Tiny Homes gets its name from the Shou Sugi Ban (charred) cedar exterior. The tiny house interior continues the theme with dark wood accents, hardwood flooring, and cabinets. The kitchen includes a hickory butcher block countertop, custom shaker style cabinets, reclaimed wood pocket door, and a live edge cedar bar … Read more
  • Denali by Timbercraft Tiny Homes
    This gorgeous 37′ gooseneck tiny house is the Denali by Timbercraft Tiny Homes. The spacious tiny house includes 23 wood clad windows, two exterior doors, a folding rear porch, and an outdoor shower. Inside the 352-square-foot farmhouse is a bedroom above the gooseneck with stand up headroom, a real closet, and a built-in queen size … Read more
  • Sakura by Minimaliste
    From Quebec, Canada-based Minimaliste is this beautiful 32′ gooseneck tiny house, the Sakura. The 10.5′ wide house totals 380-square-feet including the main floor and loft space. The exterior siding is white cedar with a blue steel accent piece over the gooseneck. There is also an 80-square-foot red cedar rooftop terrace that is accessible through the … Read more
  • Elise & Clara’s Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes
    This one-of-a-kind gooseneck tiny house was built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes for their clients, Elise and Clara. The Colorado-based builder used custom fabricated panel siding, cedar tongue-and-groove, and a shou sugi ban burnt cedar chevron accent to create one of the most unique exteriors we’ve seen! Designed for full-time living, the 31′ tiny house is … Read more
  • Waterford by Tiny House Building Company
    From Fredericksburg, Virginia-based Tiny House Building Company is the 32-foot Waterford. The gooseneck tiny home features a queen bedroom loft with boat hatch-style skylight for roof deck access. The Waterford was built on a triple axle trailer with gray siding and a pearl gray metal roof. A white full light front door leads into the … Read more
  • Mulberry by Tiny House Building Company
    The Mulberry is a 40-foot custom gooseneck tiny house built by Virginia-based Tiny House Building Company. The home features a bedroom with in-floor storage over the gooseneck. The exterior has green, white, and blue scallop shingles combined with standard green shingles. There is a retractable awning over the the full light front door. The U-shaped … Read more
  • Valhalla by SimBLISSity Tiny Homes
    From Colorado-based SimBLISSity Tiny Homes is the Valhalla, a 35-foot gooseneck tiny home with nautical theme. The exterior has a copper color metal roof and stained tongue-and-groove pine siding with two circular windows. The windows have a compass design and were made out of walnut and maple. At the rear of the house is an … Read more
  • Pemberley by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
    Designed and built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses for a family of five is this 460-square-foot gooseneck tiny house, the Pemberley. The tiny house trailer is 30’+7′ and was a custom build by Trailer Made with Dexter air ride suspension axles and an automatic leveling system. The Pemberley was constructed from structural insulated panels (SIPs), … Read more
  • Mountain Top Retreat by Tiny Idahomes
    The Mountain Top Retreat is a 35-foot gooseneck tiny house built by Tiny Idahomes and based on their Carpathian model. The home features four six-foot slide-outs to expand the living room and master bedroom. The exterior is two-tone board and batten siding with an arched roof. Double french doors are located at the rear of … Read more
  • Inglewood by Tiny House Building Company
    From Tiny House Building Company is the 36-foot Inglewood. The gooseneck tiny home features an 8-foot office space with built-in desk and closet over the gooseneck. The Inglewood was built for off-grid living with its 46-gallon freshwater holding tank and composting toilet. It was also wired for A/C and D/C power. The home was built … Read more
  • Carrie’s 28′ Gooseneck Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes
    Custom built by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes for their client, Carrie, this 28-foot gooseneck tiny house provides a warm ambiance with its wood finishes, including a beetle kill pine tongue-and-groove ceiling. The tiny home has a 22-foot main trailer with a 6-foot gooseneck. The exterior has three finishes: corrugated metal along the bottom, green siding in … Read more
  • Bohemian Bungalow by Hill Country Tiny Houses
    The Bohemian Bungalow is a 40-foot gooseneck tiny house built by Hill Country Tiny Houses in Kerrville, Texas. The home features two slide outs, expanding the living space to 390-square-feet. The Bohemian Bungalow was featured on HGTV’s Tiny Paradise in August 2018. The exterior is clad in board-and-batten siding and a metal roof. A six foot … Read more
  • Bird’s Nest by Kim Lewis
    Built for wildlife educators and bird trainers Simon and Lindsey McNeny, the Bird’s Nest was constructed using reclaimed windows, wood, and metal. The tiny house totals 192-square-feet and was designed by Kim Lewis in Austin, Texas and built by Canyon Creek Builder. The home’s exterior was partially covered in reclaimed wood pieces in a random … Read more
  • Winter Wonderland by Nelson Tiny Houses
    The Winter Wonderland is a customized off-grid V House built by Nelson Tiny Houses in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. This is their largest V House to date, measuring 380-square-feet and sitting on a 38’x9′ gooseneck trailer. Arctic blue board-and-batten siding contrasts nicely with the white windows and door. The roof was built in sections in … Read more
  • Escher by New Frontier Design
    From tiny house builder New Frontier Design is the Escher, one of the most luxurious tiny homes we’ve seen. A San Francisco Bay Area couple enlisted the help of David Latimer and his team at New Frontier to build this stunning gooseneck tiny house. The Escher combines shou sugi ban cedar siding, natural cedar, and … Read more
  • Ross’ 35′ Gooseneck Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes
    Built on an over-width 10’x35′ trailer, this gooseneck tiny house from Mitchcraft Tiny Homes provides a spacious interior with rustic finishes. The custom tiny home was built for their client, Ross. The exterior of the home combines rusted corrugated metal and rustic wood finishes. On the rear of the home is a ladder that leads … Read more
  • Starling by Rewild Homes
    With its master bedroom loft and gooseneck bedroom, the Starling by Rewild Homes offers plenty of space for a growing family. The gooseneck tiny home is 33-feet long and built on a triple axle trailer. The natural wood exterior gives the Starling a rustic finish that fits its surroundings perfectly on Vancouver Island. Inside the … Read more
  • Tara’s 33′ Gooseneck Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes
    Built by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes for their client, Tara, this 33-foot gooseneck tiny house offers a modern style with farmhouse style accents. The living room sits over the gooseneck, providing enough headroom to stand. In the living room is a pull out sleeper sofa and entertainment center. The spacious L-shaped kitchen has plentiful counter space … Read more
  • Brooke by Tiny House Building Company
    From Tiny House Building Company is the Brooke, a 34-foot custom gooseneck tiny home based on their Kate model. The 340-square-foot home has a full glass entry door with built-in blinds, full size appliances, and a king size master bedroom above the gooseneck. The kitchen is equipped with a full size LED refrigerator, freestanding gas … Read more
  • Georgia by Tiny House Building Company
    The Georgia is a 28′ gooseneck tiny house with approximately 315-square-feet of living space. Built by Tiny House Building Company, the tiny house includes a king size bedroom over the gooseneck, a king size bedroom loft, and a nook that can fit a full size bed or be used as an office or reading area. … Read more
  • Luxury 40 by Hummingbird Tiny Housing
    From Hummingbird Tiny Housing is the Luxury 40, a custom built gooseneck tiny house featuring a custom designed tile hummingbird mural over the soaker tub and an electric fireplace in the living room. The tiny home measures 40-feet long including a 2-foot overhang over the front door and 1-foot overhang over the back. The covered … Read more
  • Eric & Oliver’s Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes
    Built on an over-width 10’x33′ trailer, this gooseneck tiny house provides a spacious interior with two distinct living spaces and a bedroom loft. MitchCraft Tiny Homes built the tiny house for their clients, Eric and Oliver, using all cedar siding, slate tile in the entryway and bathroom, and cherry flooring throughout the rest of the … Read more
  • Nicole’s Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes
    This gorgeous 32-foot custom gooseneck tiny home was built by Colorado-based MitchCraft Tiny Homes for their client, Nicole. Mitchcraft created a mountainscape by using stained wood siding and blue painted siding across the back of the tiny house. On the front of the house is a herringbone pattern next to the front door. Inside Nicole’s … Read more
  • Terraform One by Terraform Tiny Homes
    This 32′ gooseneck tiny house, Terraform One, was planned by Richard Ward over two years. Once he completed his design he built it along with the help of Artisan Tiny House in four-and-a-half months. The 250-square-foot tiny house uses structural insulated panels (SIPs), which offer better strength and insulation than regular 2×4 framing and are … Read more
  • Otsego Gooseneck by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
    Built as a getaway home to be used in the Catskill Mountains, the Otsego Gooseneck tiny house will allow the father and son clients to enjoy off-grid living while on vacation. Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses framed the house with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), offering superior strength and insulation value over traditional stick framing. The living … Read more
  • JJ’s Place by SimBLISSity Tiny Homes
    JJ’s Place is a 31-foot gooseneck tiny house built by Colorado-based SimBLISSity Tiny Homes. The rustic tiny home has a warm interior with beetle kill pine and reclaimed wood throughout. The exterior of the house is cedar tongue-and-groove siding with a reclaimed metal skirt around the bottom. Inside are beetle kill pine walls and a … Read more
  • Lookout by Tiny House Chattanooga
    The Lookout was voted “Best in Show” at the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree. Created by Tiny House Chattanooga, this 299 sq.ft. gooseneck tiny house offers a design concept that moves away from the traditional loft bedroom with ladder access. No more crawling around to get in bed! A short storage staircase leads up to the … Read more
  • View by Tiny House Chattanooga
    Built by award-winning builder Tiny House Chattanooga, The View is a custom 20′ gooseneck tiny house on wheels. The artistic home features a large porthole window and “V” floating staircase. Inside the 248-square-foot home are white walls, dark stained trim, and medium wood tones for the flooring and ceiling. The gooseneck trailer allows for two … Read more
  • Bunkhouse by Uncharted Tiny Homes
    With its master loft and separate room for two kids, the Bunkhouse makes for a family-friendly gooseneck tiny house. Built by Uncharted Tiny Homes, the 310-square-foot home has two built-in twin sized private bunks over the deck. The Bunkhouse was built on a 30-foot trailer and has a 12-foot master loft over the kitchen and … Read more
  • Retreat by Timbercraft Tiny Homes
    Note: This model has been discontinued. Please contact Timbercraft Tiny Homes for a list of their current models. The Retreat is a luxurious craftsman style gooseneck tiny house built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes in Guntersville, Alabama. The 416-square-foot tiny house offers three bedrooms and high-end finishes throughout. The exterior consists of two tone board and … Read more
  • Lookout v2 by Tiny House Chattanooga
    The Lookout v2 was built by Mike Bedsole and his team at Tiny House Chattanooga. It’s based off their award-winning Lookout that won “Best in Show” at the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree. The gooseneck tiny house has a 26-foot trailer plus a 7-foot neck. There is 6’7″ of clearance on the high side of the … Read more
  • Infinitely Stoked by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses
    Named the “Infinitely Stoked,” this impressive 24+7 gooseneck tiny house from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses features a butterfly roof, two bedrooms, and beautiful accent wall in the living room. The Infinitely Stoked was originally built for a couple from Omaha (whose last name is Stokesbary — hence the tiny house name), but unfortunately financing fell … Read more
  • Family-Friendly Carpathian by Tiny Idahomes
    From Tiny Idahomes is the Family-Friendly Carpathian, a three bedroom custom gooseneck tiny home with two slide-outs and sleeping space for seven. The 35-foot Carpathian has a retractable porch that slides under the double french doors and a retractable step for the rear door that leads into the kitchen. An 18 ft. electric awning stretches … Read more
  • Raven by Blackbird Tiny Homes
    The Raven is a 37-foot custom gooseneck tiny house built by Calgary, Alberta-based Blackbird Tiny Homes. The home is built to operate off-grid and withstand the cold Canadian winters. The exterior cladding consists of pine tongue-and-groove siding mixed with metal accent pieces to add some color. There is a 36″ side entry door and rear … Read more
  • Boxcar GN by Timbercraft Tiny Homes
    Note: This model has been discontinued. Please contact Timbercraft Tiny Homes for a list of their current models. The Boxcar GN is a custom off-grid gooseneck tiny home built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes. The tiny home is 35-feet long with a 28-foot main deck and 7-foot tongue. The exterior features rustic cedar siding with industrial … Read more
  • Tiny Show Home by Vagabond Tiny Homes
    From Calgary, Alberta-based Vagabond Tiny Homes is this 28-foot off-grid capable gooseneck tiny house. The tiny home is 390-square-feet including the lofts. The exterior is double treated cedar siding with galvanized steel panels and a copper penny roof. An insulated front door, double and triple pane windows, and a mix of rock wool and spray … Read more
  • Sunnyside by Tiny House Building Company
    The Sunnyside is a 32-foot gooseneck tiny house with an extension over the rear for the guest bedroom loft. Built by Tiny House Building Company, the tiny house includes a king size bedroom with closet over the gooseneck. The exterior has gray siding and a black metal shed-style roof. White full light french doors lead … Read more
  • Heather’s 37′ Gooseneck Tiny House by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes
    From Fort Collins, Colorado-based MitchCraft Tiny Homes is this 37′ gooseneck tiny house on wheels. Built for their client, Heather, the custom tiny house features a rustic aesthetic that will fit nicely in its new home outside of Jackson, Wyoming. The gooseneck tiny house measures approximately 360-square-feet including the private bedroom loft. The main entryway … Read more
  • Cayman by Tiny Innovations
    From Gresham, Oregon-based Tiny Innovations is the Cayman, a gooseneck tiny home available with two- and three-bedroom options. This is their largest model in the Innovative Series and comes in 34′, 38′, 40′, and 45′ lengths. The exterior has board and batten siding with a knotty cedar tongue and groove accent around the front door. … Read more
  • Molly by Tiny is Now
    This beautiful gooseneck tiny house is named “Molly” and was built by Britni & Justin Portrey at Tiny is Now. The Molly is 32-feet long with 8-feet above the gooseneck hitch. The roof is split into three sections: an 11-foot Dutch gable metal roof over loft and kitchen, a 21-foot shingle A-frame roof over the … Read more
  • Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
    It’s time for another tiny house fundraiser from Lamon Luther! This time they’re raising funds for Beloved Atlanta, a non-profit that helps women affected by sexual exploitation. The winner of the tiny house will be selected on December 22nd, 2017 and all entries need to be submitted by December 21st. Dec 22 Update: Congrats to … Read more
  • Sawtooth Toy Hauler by Tiny Idahomes
    The Sawtooth Toy Hauler is a 35-foot gooseneck tiny house with two slide-outs. Built by Tiny Idahomes, the Sawtooth allows an adventuresome family to live tiny while enjoying their toys. The master bedroom is located over the gooseneck and has a 6-foot slide-out. The other slide-out is in the living room with a Jackknife sofa. … Read more
  • El Gato by Alpine Tiny Homes
    From Alpine Tiny Homes is El Gato, a 30-foot gooseneck tiny house built for clients in Santa Rosa, California. The 325-square-foot tiny house will be home to the clients and their two dogs and two cats. El Gato has a rooftop deck and a fold down deck in front of the entry door. The front … Read more
  • Tiny House, Big Kitchen by Tiny Heirloom
    Built by Tiny Heirloom for a family of five, this modern 30′ gooseneck tiny house boasts a large kitchen and a dedicated playroom for the young boys. The Tiny House, Big Kitchen has a European style interior that provides a sleek, sophisticated finish with woods and metals. The kitchen is 14′ long with a walnut … Read more
  • tinyhaus by KMH Concepts
    From Michigan-based KMH Concepts is tinyhaus, a 35′ fifth wheel tiny house. The tinyhaus is 320-square-feet and focuses on maximizing storage space. Whereas most tiny houses have primarily cedar siding with a metal accent, tinyhaus is clad in corrugated metal with a feature wall of reclaimed cedar. The “window collage” adds a unique design element … Read more
  • Artist by Alpine Tiny Homes
    Built by Vineyard, Utah’s Alpine Tiny Homes is this 28′ off-grid gooseneck tiny house, The Artist. The 280-square-foot solar powered home was built for a mother and her son, and includes an artist’s studio. The exterior was finished with tongue-and-groove siding and a metal accent. The owner wanted to complete some of the work herself, … Read more
  • Tiny Giant by Alpine Tiny Homes
    This massive gooseneck tiny house is appropriately named the Tiny Giant. Built by Alpine Tiny Homes in Utah, the tiny house is built on a 30′ base with a 7′ deck and a 2′ cantilever over the back. The exterior is a mix of Yakisugi pine siding and grey metal. Inside, the living room sits … Read more
  • Reagan by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions
    The Reagan is Maximus Extreme Living Solutions’ largest tiny house to date. Built on a custom fifth wheel trailer frame, the Reagan is approximately 31′ long with 7′ of that over the gooseneck. The craftsman style tiny house includes a fenced-in porch with doggie door for the clients’ puppies, a master loft above the gooseneck, … Read more
  • Big Chill by Alpine Tiny Homes
    This industrial style gooseneck tiny house features custom metal exterior siding and roofing. The builder, Alpine Tiny Homes, named it the Big Chill after the vintage refrigerator they used. Inside the 35′ tiny house are engineered hardwood floors, tongue and groove siding, custom cabinets, and butcher block countertops. The private bedroom is located above the … Read more
  • Vintage Glam by Tiny Heirloom
    Created by Tiny Heirloom for a Portland couple, Ben and Callie, the Vintage Glam is a sleek and sophisticated tiny house that allows them the freedom and mobility they enjoy. Built on a 33′ gooseneck trailer, this 200 sq.ft tiny house comes with heated hardwood floors, a living plant wall, bathroom skylights, and a multi-functional platform that will … Read more
  • Carpathian by Tiny Idahomes
    The Carpathian is a 35′ long, 320 sq.ft. gooseneck tiny house built by Tiny Idahomes. This model includes three slide outs — two in the living room over the gooseneck and one in the rear bedroom. It has a front living room/bedroom with a Murphy bed in one of the slide outs, a full size … Read more
  • Aerodynamic by Tiny Heirloom
    Chicago artists Barnaby and Margaret tasked Tiny Heirloom with building their smallest and most lightweight tiny home to date.  The couple wanted a 100 square foot home so they could travel around the West Coast. The Tiny Heirloom team packed the home with as many luxuries as possible, maximizing space while bringing the couple’s rustic and modern vision … Read more
  • Custom Gooseneck by Nomad Tiny Homes
    This gooseneck tiny house was built by Nomad Tiny Homes for a family of five moving to Oregon.  The 35′ gooseneck trailer has a 7′ deck over neck, allowing for over 330 sq.ft. of living space. The kitchen comes complete with a wall oven, SMEG refrigerator, dishwasher, and 24″ farmhouse sink. Energy saving materials include spray … Read more
  • Nomad’s Nest by Wind River Tiny Homes
    The Nomad’s Nest is a gooseneck tiny house created by Wind River Tiny Homes. This house was featured in the second season of Tiny House Nation on FYI.  The high ceilings and no-loft design was built for the 6’6″ owner in mind. Images © Wind River Tiny Homes
  • The Westbury by Cornerstone Tiny Homes
    The Westbury is a 32′ gooseneck tiny house designed and built by Cornerstone Tiny Homes based in Longwood, Florida.  The unique design allows for two loft areas without having to climb a ladder. The Westbury starts in the low $60,000 range and the pictures below feature an upgraded model completed for $73,000. Also available from Cornerstone Tiny Homes: California Cruiser, Fontana. … Read more