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Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther

Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther

It’s time for another tiny house fundraiser from Lamon Luther! This time they’re raising funds for Beloved Atlanta, a non-profit that helps women affected by sexual exploitation.

The winner of the tiny house will be selected on December 22nd, 2017 and all entries need to be submitted by December 21st.

Dec 22 Update: Congrats to Jeremy Jankowske of Plainfield, IN, the winner of Cindy Lou!

The Tiny House
The 40′ gooseneck tiny house, named Cindy Lou, was designed by Brian Preston at Lamon Luther. The Cindy Lou has 430 heated square feet and an 8’x8′ covered porch with composite flooring and a cedar ceiling.

Inside the tiny home is a queen size master bedroom over the gooseneck, providing extra headroom compared to a loft bedroom. There is also a sleeping/storage loft with a full size bed over the bathroom.

The living room is large enough for a full size sofa and a couple extra chairs. A large wall of windows allows for abundant natural light throughout the main living area.

The kitchen features an L-shaped counter with eating bar and two stools, a four burner gas range, refrigerator, microwave, and stainless steel sink. In the bathroom is a full size bathtub, vanity, eco flow toilet, and washer/dryer hookups.

How To Enter
They created 4 different donation options to choose from to win the tiny house. You can donate $20 for 1 entry, $40 for 6 entries, $100 for 15 entries, or $250 for 45 entries. (There is also a “no purchase necessary” option if you read their terms & conditions.)

About Beloved Atlanta
Beloved Atlanta is the only two-year residential home program for adult women surviving prostitution, trafficking, and addiction in Atlanta, GA. They assist residents by helping them accomplish their educational and employment goals, provide assistance in finding affordable housing once she graduates the program, and continues to offer support through quarterly case management, weekly support groups, scholarship opportunities, and other resources.

Why Lamon Luther is Giving Away a Tiny House

Our goal with this giveaway is support the Lamon Luther Foundation by giving HOPE to the hopeless craftsmen. This giveaway will allow us to provide jobs in West Georgia. We realize we can’t achieve our goals without a little help from our supporters and for as little as $20 you can enter to win the tiny house and change a life in the US. You can learn more about the Lamon Luther Foundation here.

Living Area - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Living Room - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Kitchen - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Gas Range - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Bar Stools - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Window Wall - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Bedroom Loft - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Hallway - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Queen Bedroom - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Exterior - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Entryway - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Tiny House Interior - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
L-Shaped Counter - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther
Full Bathroom - Cindy Lou by Lamon Luther

Images © Lamon Luther