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Noyer XL by Minimaliste

Noyer XL by Minimaliste

The Noyer XL, crafted by the innovative team at Minimaliste, represents a significant upgrade from their original Noyer design, marrying compact living with spacious design.

This extended version of the Noyer not only retains the charm and efficiency of its predecessor but also introduces an extra 7 feet in length. This addition transforms the living experience, especially for families, by incorporating a downstairs bedroom – a feature that greatly enhances the home’s sleeping capacity and functionality.

Family-Friendly Design with Enhanced Sleeping Capacity

The Noyer XL is a game changer for families or those requiring extra sleeping space. The new layout includes a downstairs bedroom at the rear of the house, which can comfortably accommodate a bunk bed or a double bed. This feature is particularly appealing for families or those expecting guests, offering a convenient and accessible sleeping area.

Upstairs, the loft bedroom is spacious enough for a queen-size bed, ensuring that comfort is never compromised, even in a tiny house.

Dining Table - Noyer XL by Minimaliste

A Upraised Living Area: A Storage Solution

One of the most innovative features of the Noyer XL is its upraised living area. This design element adds to the aesthetic appeal of the home, plus it’s a practical solution for storage challenges often faced in tiny house living. This elevated space creates additional storage opportunities without compromising the overall openness and flow of the home’s interior.

Kitchen and Dining: Combining Essentials with Style

The kitchen in the Noyer XL is thoughtfully designed to include all essentials, ensuring that functionality is at the forefront. Moreover, this design smartly accommodates a dedicated dining area, an element that is often compromised in tiny house layouts. This inclusion not only enhances the usability of the space but also adds to the homely feel of the Noyer XL, making it perfect for family dinners or entertaining guests.

Compact yet Functional Bathroom

The bathroom in the Noyer XL is a masterpiece of optimization. Despite its compact size, it is designed for full-time living, ensuring that every inch of space is used efficiently. This functionality is crucial for those looking to embrace the tiny house lifestyle without sacrificing the comforts of a conventional home.

Exterior Design: Dynamic and Customizable

The Noyer XL’s exterior is as impressive as its interior. Continuing the popularity of the shorter Noyer model, the XL version features a dynamic double-pitched roof that sets it apart from other models with a shed roof.

The exterior cladding options include either a mix of horizontal wood grain imitation steel combined with vertical steel siding or a mix of horizontal cedar with vertical steel siding. Customers have the freedom to choose from white, charcoal, or black for all trims and roofing, allowing for a personalized touch.

Interior: Versatile and Open

The interior of the Noyer XL is a testament to versatile and open-space design. The additional downstairs bedroom is strategically placed to avoid the inconvenience of passing through the bathroom, a thoughtful consideration for houses with multiple occupants.

The interior comes standard with white painted engineered siding on the walls and stained knotty pine for the ceiling, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

For more information about the Noyer XL, please contact Minimaliste.

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