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Tiny House Interior - Ebene by Minimaliste

Location: Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Website: Minimaliste

Tiny Houses by Minimaliste

  • Acacia by Minimaliste
    The Acacia is a modern tiny house on wheels built by Quebec-based Minimaliste. A main floor bedroom, loft bedroom, and sofa bed provide plenty of sleeping options for a family. The Acacia’s two-tone cedar siding and dark trim create a gorgeous exterior. Large windows and a full light front door fill the house with natural … Read more
  • Noyer by Minimaliste
    Designed for a client in California, the Noyer by Minimaliste features an elevated living room. This allows for an open floor plan while creating distinct living areas without the use of separations. The Noyer was built on an over-width 30-foot by 10.5-foot trailer, providing an additional two feet of space compared to the typical tiny … Read more
  • Lilas by Minimaliste
    Built by tiny home builder Minimaliste, the Lilas is the first tiny house on wheels legally allowed in Quebec for full-time use as a permanent residence. The Lilas was built on a 10.5’x34.5′ trailer, providing 410-square-feet of living space between the main floor and bedroom loft. The exterior of the tiny home draws inspiration from … Read more
  • Sakura by Minimaliste
    From Quebec, Canada-based Minimaliste is this beautiful 32′ gooseneck tiny house, the Sakura. The 10.5′ wide house totals 380-square-feet including the main floor and loft space. The exterior siding is white cedar with a blue steel accent piece over the gooseneck. There is also an 80-square-foot red cedar rooftop terrace that is accessible through the … Read more
  • Laurier by Minimaliste
    Designed for a retiree with physical limitations, the Laurier by Minimaliste offers a main floor bedroom with sliding table over the bed that can easily be moved back and forth. The Laurier is 10-feet wide by 32-feet long and it’s the sixth turnkey tiny house built by Quebec-based Minimaliste. The light-colored exterior includes white cedar … Read more
  • Ebene by Minimaliste
    The Ebene is a modern 10′ x 34′ park model tiny house built by the Minimaliste team in Quebec. The house has a total of 475-square-feet between the main level and two lofts. The owners are a young couple in Ontario with a piece of land. Since they aren’t planning to travel regularly with the … Read more
  • Saule by Minimaliste
    The Saule is a 10’x22′ rustic modern tiny house built by Quebec-based Minimaliste. The home was designed for an environmentally sensitive client that needs to avoid certain building materials. The exterior of the Saule has two tone cedar cladding in a vertical and horizontal arrangement. There is a fixed window next to the front door … Read more
  • Charme by Minimaliste
    Designed for a young Ontario family of four, the Charme by Minimaliste offers three bedrooms, including a main floor master bedroom with a 6’4″ ceiling. The exterior of the Charme was inspired by Minimaliste’s Magnolia model, which has a mix of vertical and horizontal cedar siding. The horizontal cedar is stained and the vertical cedar … Read more
  • Eucalyptus by Minimaliste
    Built by Quebec-based Minimaliste for clients in California, the solar powered Eucalyptus features a beautiful U-shaped kitchen with full-size appliances. The modern exterior of the Eucalyptus consists of shou sugi ban and natural cedar siding. The kitchen’s wood surfaces include a bamboo counter, red cedar shelves, and a white pine ceiling. The kitchen is equipped … Read more
  • Thuya by Minimaliste
    Built by Minimaliste, the Thuya is a 315-square-foot park model tiny house. The layout was based on Minimaliste’s Saule design, but the 10.5′ width allowed for a storage staircase, bigger kitchen, and a dedicated living room. The Thuya was built for a couple living on Mayne Island in British Columbia. The exterior cladding on the … Read more
  • Orme by Minimaliste
    The Orme is an 8.5’x30′ tiny house designed and built by Quebec-based Minimaliste. The home was built to withstand the harsh Ontario, Canada winters. The exterior is clad in vertical Shou Sugi Ban cedar. Along with the black window frames and full light front door, the solid black exterior gives the Orme a sleek, minimalist … Read more
  • Magnolia by Minimaliste
    Inspired by their Laurier and Ébène models, the Magnolia by Minimaliste offers a full height main floor bedroom and a bump-out TV area in the living room. The park model tiny house is 10.5′ x 36.5′ with 425-square-feet of total living space including the guest/storage loft. Minimaliste kept their signature design with a two-tone cedar … Read more
  • Chene by Minimaliste
    With its natural white cedar and stained black cedar accents, the Chene offers a bold, modern exterior. The builder, Minimaliste, is located in Quebec and built this tiny house to withstand the harsh Canadian winters. The Chene is 340-square-feet on the main floor, plus there is an additional 80-square-feet in the bedroom loft. A 10-foot … Read more