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Chene by Minimaliste

With its natural white cedar and stained black cedar accents, the Chene offers a bold, modern exterior. The builder, Minimaliste, is located in Quebec and built this tiny house to withstand the harsh Canadian winters.

The Chene is 340-square-feet on the main floor, plus there is an additional 80-square-feet in the bedroom loft. A 10-foot wide patio door was positioned to provide a gorgeous view of the scenery on the owner’s property.

Inside, you’ll find red oak engineered wood flooring, 6-inch pine siding painted white, and 8-inch knotty pine ceiling planks stained to match the flooring. These surfaces combine to provide a warm yet bright interior.

The storage stairs have a retractable bottom step so it can be moved out of the main pathway when not in use. Also, a wall mounted folding table can accommodate four people sitting on stools.

Designed for self-sufficiency, the Chene houses a 250-gallon potable water tank, 40-gallon water heater, and a water pump. These items are located in the bathroom, hidden inside an enclosure with extra storage space over the top.

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Exterior Detail - Chene by Minimaliste

Red Oak Flooring - Chene by Minimaliste

Fold Down Table - Chene by Minimaliste

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Kitchen w/ Table and Stools - Chene by Minimaliste

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Red Oak Stairs - Chene by Minimaliste

Retractable Bottom Stair - Chene by Minimaliste

Bathroom - Chene by Minimaliste

Images © Minimaliste

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