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Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Dewdrop is an 18′ tiny house created by Abel Zyl, founder of Zyl Vardos. The unique tiny house includes a cupola with 10 windows (four open for ventilation), handmade windows and doors, and an armoire.

The kitchen is build on a raise platform with handmade cabinets, a propane range, stainless steel sink, and a Zyl Moon window. A custom sofa rolls out from under the raised platform and converts into a full size bed.

The Dewdrop is available in 18′, 20′, and 22′ lengths.

Also available from Zyl Vardos: Damselfly House, Fuchsia, Zenia, Fortune Cookie, Pinafore, Moon Dragon, Ark, Music Box, Little Bird.

18' Custom Tiny House - Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Tiny House with Cupola - Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Arched Entry Door - Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Zyl Moon Window - Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Cedar Siding & Trim - Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Exterior Detail - Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Kitchen - Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Cupola Detail - Dewdrop by Zyl Vardos

Images & Video © Zyl Vardos

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