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Mura by Zyl Vardos

One of the latest works of art from Zyl Vardos is the Mura, an 18-foot tiny house built for one of Abel Zyl’s friends, Jenn Bruyer. Jenn is an aerialist, choreographer, and training coach that travels extensively for work, so the Mura will fit her lifestyle perfectly.

As with each Zyl Vardos tiny house, the Mura has a creative design that looks like it belongs in a fairytale. The lines of the curved roofline and siding combine to create a charming exterior.

Mura by Zyl Vardos

Double french doors invite you inside where you’ll find an arched cedar ceiling, bamboo flooring, and a reclaimed bathroom door. The warm wood colors add depth and character to the home while still feeling open.

Across from the front doors is the kitchen with butcher block counter, apron sink, under-counter refrigerator, and cooktop.

At one end of the home is the living room with bedroom loft overhead, and at the other end is the bathroom with galvanized trough tub and copper shower rod.

For more information about the Mura, please visit the Zyl Vardos website.

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Curved Roofline - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Roof Peak - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Rear View - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Entryway - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Kitchen - Mura by Zyl Vardos
French Doors - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Arched Cedar Ceiling - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Lighting - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Under Counter Refrigerator - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Interior - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Reclaimed Door - Mura by Zyl Vardos
Shower - Mura by Zyl Vardos

Images © Zyl Vardos

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