230 sq.ft. Tiny House on Wheels - Liberation Tiny Homes

Alpha by Liberation Tiny Homes

James Stoltzfus and his wife, Rosemary, designed and built this 8.5′ x 20′ tiny house as a side project in 2015. Based in Lancaster, PA, the couple now rent the tiny house through Airbnb and use it as a model for their tiny house building company, Liberation Tiny Homes. James has 15 years of experience in the construction industry and now focuses on building tiny houses.

The Alpha has 170-square-feet of living space on the main floor and an addition 50-square-feet in the loft. In the kitchen is a butcher block counter, three burner cooktop, and mini fridge.

The living room has a custom couch with storage under the right side, plus it turns into a queen size bed. The loft is large enough for a queen size mattress and it has wooden cubes for storage. The bathroom is a wet bath with a flushing toilet.

Available for nightly rental starting at $114/night.

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Airbnb Tiny House Rental - Liberation Tiny Homes

Aerial View - Liberation Tiny Homes

Living Room - Liberation Tiny Homes

Entryway - Liberation Tiny Homes

Entryway and Staircase - Liberation Tiny Homes

Loft Storage Cubes - Liberation Tiny Homes

Entryway and Deck - Liberation Tiny Homes

Kitchen and Dining Table - Liberation Tiny Homes

Living Room and Loft - Liberation Tiny Homes

Kitchen - Liberation Tiny Homes

Custom Storage Couch - Liberation Tiny Homes

Bathroom - Liberation Tiny Homes

Images © Liberation Tiny Homes

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