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Sojourner v2 by Häuslein Tiny House Co

Sojourner v2 by Häuslein Tiny House Co

Tiny houses have been gaining popularity for their sustainable and minimalist living solutions. Häuslein Tiny House Co. continues to innovate in this space, and this tiny house, the Sojourner v2, is turning heads with its impressive features. The second version of the Sojourner offers a comfortable and efficient living space with a storage staircase that replaces the ladder in the first model.

Chassis & Dimensions:

Sojourner v2 is designed to be fully transportable and road-registerable, ensuring that you can take your home wherever you go. Each tiny house comes with its own VIN for easy identification. It’s built on a sturdy 8m x 2.5m (excluding the removable drawbar) galvanized heavy-duty trailer, featuring high-end Al-Ko axles for smooth towing.

  • House Length: 8m
  • House Width: 2.5m
  • Height: 4.3m
  • Weight: Approx 3.8 tonnes (empty, without appliances or furniture)
  • Living Space: 25 square meters
Tiny House in Field - Sojourner v2 by Häuslein Tiny House Co

Building Materials:

The construction of Sojourner v2 is not only designed for strength but also to withstand the test of time. Häuslein Tiny House Co. uses termite-resistant timber frames and Monument Matt Trimdek Colorbond cladding for a robust exterior. The Western Red Cedar feature cladding, sealed with marine varnish, adds a touch of natural beauty.

The tiny house features durable aluminum windows with SP10 SmartGlass and flyscreens on all windows. To keep you comfortable in all seasons, the walls, ceiling, and floors are insulated with fiberglass earth wool (R2) and silver sarking.

The internal walls are lined with solid pine paneling, painted with low VOC white paint, ensuring a clean and inviting interior.

The house welcomes you with an aluminum and glass double front door and features solid cypress pine flooring and bench tops, all finished with natural tongue oil. High-quality, charcoal-colored wool carpeting adds a cozy touch to the lofts and slide-out area.

Tiny House in Field with Animals - Sojourner v2 by Häuslein Tiny House Co


Sojourner v2 boasts a well-designed single-sided kitchen with generous storage. What sets it apart is the inclusion of stairs to the standing loft, which also provides additional kitchen storage.

The kitchen is equipped with a black stainless kitchen sink, a clever in-sink drainer, and space for an efficient drawer dishwasher. You’ll also find space for a full-size oven and stove, as well as a full 308L fridge.

High-quality, modern black fixtures, tapware, and plumbing make the kitchen both stylish and functional. There’s even room and plumbing for a full-size washing machine or washer/dryer, along with an under-sink pull-out bin and a cypress pine shelf above the kitchen window.

Storage Staircase - Sojourner v2 by Häuslein Tiny House Co


The bathroom in Sojourner v2 is designed to accommodate the stairs and features a barn door for convenience. It includes a traditional flush toilet, with a composting toilet option available.

The spacious 900mm x 900mm shower comes with a custom rod and a high-quality curtain. A vanity unit with a ceramic basin, modern black fixtures, an extraction fan, a shelf above the toilet, and an LED backlit mirror complete the space.

Loft Bedroom:

The loft bedroom offers a landing with standing height of 1800mm, with the remaining area having a height of 1500mm. This space comfortably fits a queen-size mattress and includes a spacious wardrobe with hanging space, shelving, and a phone nook accessible from the bed.

Cypress pine shelving above one of the windows and an enclosed, half-height balustrade enhance the bedroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

Living Area - Sojourner v2 by Häuslein Tiny House Co


The living area in Sojourner v2 is thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and functionality. It accommodates a 2300mm wide x 900mm deep couch and offers space for a wall-mounted TV. A solid cypress pine bookshelf below the TV location and a matching dining table complete the space, making it perfect for relaxation and dining.

Electrical, Plumbing & Gas:

This tiny house is equipped with essential utilities to ensure a convenient and safe living experience. It features a Dux instant gas hot water system and has the option for reverse cycle air conditioning at an additional cost.

Modern black light fittings, black power points, and light switches add a touch of sophistication.

The tiny house comes with an antenna cable and a connection point for a TV, as well as a simple 240v, 15 amp plug-in point for power connection, similar to a caravan.

A garden hose fitting connects the tiny house to the water supply, while all waste water plumbing is plumbed to a single point below the bathroom.

For safety, there’s a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, and a fire extinguisher is supplied.

For more information about the Sojourner v2, please contact Häuslein Tiny House Co.

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