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Sofia by Vagabond Haven

Sofia by Vagabond Haven

Tucked away in the peaceful landscapes of Sweden, Vagabond Haven introduces ‘Sofia’, a tiny house that harmoniously blends comfort with the beauty of nature.

Sofia offers a panoramic view of the surrounding greenery, skies, and stars, making it an ideal retreat for those who cherish nature’s serenity.

A Cozy, Panoramic Living Space

Sofia stands out with its expansive windows and bohemian chic décor, providing a tranquil environment to unwind. The highlight is undoubtedly the king-sized bed, situated to offer stunning views through the large windows and roof skylight. Despite its compact 16 square meters, Sofia does not compromise on comfort and style.

All Wood Exterior Siding - Sofia by Vagabond Haven

An Exterior That Blends Strength and Aesthetics

This tiny house measures 6.1 meters in length, 2.55 meters in width, and 4 meters in height, comfortably residing on a lightweight trailer. The choice of Spruce, ThermoWood, or Shou Sugi Ban siding offers durability and visual appeal. The 2-pane windows and tempered glass door add to its sturdiness, while the lightweight aluminum roof provides long-term reliability. Sofia’s winter insulation features eco-friendly recycled textile, ensuring warmth and sustainability.

Interior: Compact, Yet Spacious

The interior boasts a ceiling height of 3.10 meters, creating a spacious atmosphere. The storage loft, spruce panel siding, and a mix of laminate and spruce flooring enhance its appeal. Essential utilities like electricity, plumbing, and ventilation are seamlessly integrated.

Functionality Meets Style in the Kitchen

Sofia’s kitchen is a testament to efficient use of space. It includes both lower and upper cabinets made from veneer or MDF. The kitchen is equipped with a sink, tap, and a countertop made from three-layer oak board. Appliances include a microwave oven, an option of induction or gas cooktop, a small fridge, and a dishwasher. A protective glass panel completes the kitchen’s practical design.

A Bathroom That Prioritizes Comfort

The bathroom features wet-room approved walls made from Fibo Trespo panels, and a choice of laminate or PVC flooring. Options for the toilet include a flush toilet, a composting toilet, or a Cinderella incinerating toilet. The shower cabin can be fitted with either a curtain or a glass door. Additional features include a cupboard with washing basin, a choice of an infrared or regular mirror, and an energy-saving water heater.

In summary, Sofia by Vagabond Haven is a compact yet spacious tiny house that offers a unique blend of comfort, functionality, and connection with nature. It stands as a testament to the ingenuity of tiny house living, providing an eco-friendly, sustainable, and cozy living space amidst the natural beauty of Sweden.

For more information about the Sofia, please contact Vagabond Haven.

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