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Maya by Vagabond Haven

Maya by Vagabond Haven

The Maya by Vagabond Haven is a charming and functional tiny house, perfect for accommodating up to four people. It is well-suited for both short vacations and long-term stays.

In terms of dimensions and weight, Maya is built on a lightweight trailer, measuring 6.7 meters in length, 2.55 meters in width, and 4 meters in height. It weighs up to 3.5 tons.

Open Beam Ceiling - Maya by Vagabond Haven

The exterior features a choice of Spruce, ThermoWood, or Shou sugi ban siding, and boasts well-insulated 2-pane windows and an exterior door made of tempered glass. The roof is constructed of lightweight and durable aluminum, and the house is winter-insulated with eco-friendly recycled textile.

Inside, Maya offers a 21 square meter living area with a 3.26 meter room height. The interior includes one sleeping loft and one storage loft, with siding made from spruce panel. The ground floor features laminate flooring, while the lofts are fitted with spruce floors.

The kitchen is equipped with lower and upper cabinets, a sink, and a countertop crafted from three-layer oak board. Cooking options include either an electric or gas stove, and there’s a choice between an induction or gas cooktop. Other kitchen amenities include a small fridge, kitchen hood, dishwasher, protective glass panel, and space prepared for a washing machine.

The bathroom walls are wet-room approved, made from fibo trespo panels, and flooring options include either laminate or PVC. The shower comes with a glass door, and there are various toilet options, including flush, composting, Separett Villa, or Cinderella incinerating toilets. The bathroom also features a cupboard with a washing basin, an infrared or regular mirror, an energy-saving electric or gas hot water heater, and ventilation.

Heating in the Maya can be customized with various options including electric radiators, an infrared heating mirror, infrared floor heating, an air-to-air heat pump, a wood stove, or a pellet stove.

Finally, the house’s utilities encompass a 3-phase, 400V, 32A or 16A electrical system, adjustable to country-specific requirements. Lighting includes ceiling-mounted LED or spotlights with dimmer control. There’s an option for a solar system, easy exterior connection with frost-guard, chromed copper pipes for plumbing, an energy-saving electric or gas hot water heater, a water tank, and a pump.

Maya by Vagabond Haven offers a cozy yet practical living solution, blending comfort with sustainability for both temporary and permanent living arrangements.

For more information about the Maya, please contact Vagabond Haven.

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