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Porto by Vagabond Haven

Porto by Vagabond Haven

From Vagabond Haven is the “Porto”, a tiny house that encapsulates the essence of Scandinavian design in a compact, yet surprisingly spacious structure. Porto is designed to offer a homely feeling while maintaining a sleek, scaled-down style. It stands out with its ability to comfortably sleep up to six people, thanks to its two large sleeping lofts.

Dimensions and Features: A Closer Look

Porto measures 7.3 meters in length, 2.55 meters in width, and 4 meters in height. It sits on a lightweight trailer and weighs up to 3.5 tons.

The house is constructed with a choice of Spruce, ThermoWood, or Shou sugi ban siding. The attention to detail extends to well-insulated 2-pane windows and an exterior double door made from tempered glass.

It boasts a lightweight yet durable aluminum roof and is winter insulated with eco-friendly recycled textile insulation.

Inside, Porto offers a generous 25 square meter living area with a room height of 3.26 meters. The two spacious lofts are complemented by siding from spruce panel and flooring made of laminate on the ground floor and spruce on the lofts.

Wood Exterior - Porto by Vagabond Haven

Customizable Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen is a model of efficiency, offering lower and upper cabinets made from veneer or MDF, a sink and tap, and a three-layer oak board countertop.

Home buyers have a choice between electric or gas stove, induction or gas cooktop, and a small or large fridge. Additional amenities include a kitchen hood, dishwasher, and a protective glass panel.

The bathroom maintains the theme of practical elegance, featuring wet-room approved walls from fibo trespo panels, laminate or PVC flooring, a glass-door shower cabin, and various toilet options including flush, composting, Separett Villa, or Cinderella incinerating toilets. There’s also a cupboard with washing basin, an infrared or regular mirror, and preparation for a washing machine.

Chandelier - Porto by Vagabond Haven

Heating, Electricity, Plumbing, and Ventilation

Porto offers a range of heating options suitable for both on-grid and off-grid living, including electric radiators, an infrared heating mirror, infrared floor heating, an air-to-air heat-pump, wood stove, and pellet stove.

The electrical setup is robust, featuring a 3-phase, 400V, 32A or 16A system with country-specific adjustments. The lighting includes ceiling-mounted LED or spot lights, dimmer, and an optional solar system.

Plumbing in Porto is designed for easy exterior connection, with frost-guard, chromed copper pipes, and an energy-saving electric or gas hot water heater. A water tank and pump are also included.

For more information about the Porto, please contact Vagabond Haven.

The images below feature several different builds of the Porto model, giving you a chance to see different finishes, inclusions, etc.

Also available from Vagabond Haven:

View From Kitchen - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Kitchen Counter - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Fireplace - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Kitchen with Eating Bar - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Kitchen & Storage Stairs - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Galley Kitchen - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Living Room & Ladder - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Living Room Couch - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Exterior View - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Bathroom Entry - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Bedroom Loft - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Queen Bedroom Loft - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Corner Shower - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Vessel Sink - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Glass Shower - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Bathroom - Porto by Vagabond Haven
Floor Plan - Porto by Vagabond Haven

Images © Vagabond Haven