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River by Vagabond Haven

River by Vagabond Haven

Welcome to “River,” Vagabond Haven’s largest and most serene tiny home yet, encompassing a spacious 32 square meters (~344 square feet). Tailored for those who cherish a more stationary lifestyle without losing the essence of mobility, River redefines the concept of compact living.

Exterior Elegance Meets Robust Construction

Located in Örsundsbro, Sweden, River’s exterior is a blend of practicality and aesthetics. Measuring 8.5 meters in length, 2.9 meters in width, and standing 3.9 meters tall, this tiny house is a testament to efficient use of space.

Weighing up to 8 tons, it’s constructed with a sturdy metal frame, ensuring durability. The combination of thermowood and aluminum siding not only adds to its charm but also its resilience.

The well-insulated, three-pane windows and double leaf doors (90 + 90*200 cm) made from tempered glass ensure comfort in all seasons. And let’s not forget the lightweight yet durable aluminum roof, winter-proofed with mineral wool insulation.

Interior: A Compact, Cozy Wonderland

Inside, the River unfolds into a 32 sqm living space, featuring two spacious lofts connected by a footbridge.

The laminate flooring, both on the ground and loft levels, adds warmth and a homely feel. The lower level’s length is 8.0 meters, width 2.4 meters, and height 3.58 meters, perfectly encapsulating a cozy ambiance.

Interior View - River by Vagabond Haven

Kitchen: Culinary Delight in a Compact Space

The kitchen, heart of the home, doesn’t disappoint. It boasts lower and upper cabinets with chic white varnished fronts, a sturdy three-layer oak board countertop, and protective glass backing.

The electric oven with a microwave function, an induction cooktop with four fields, a large fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, and a stylish kitchen hood make cooking a breeze.

The space is completed with a kitchen table, four chairs, and elegant pendant lamps.

Full Kitchen - River by Vagabond Haven

Second Floor: A Bridge Between

Ascend to the second floor and you’re greeted by a footbridge between the bedrooms, featuring a glass barrier with integrated LED lighting – a modern touch to this quaint abode.

Bedrooms: Personalized Comfort Zones

Bedroom 1 houses a large bed (180 cm frame with two 90x200cm mattresses), a wall unit, and internal wooden blinds for privacy.

Bedroom 2, meanwhile, is furnished with a single bed (frame + 90x200cm mattress), a bookshelf, and an open barrier, offering a unique character to each sleeping space.

Bathroom: A Modern, Eco-Friendly Retreat

The bathroom is a marvel with wet-room approved walls from fibo trespo panels, laminate flooring, a flush toilet, and a cupboard with a washing basin.

The high cabinet, round mirror with LED lighting, glass shower cabin, and energy-saving electric hot water heater add to the functionality, while the ventilation system ensures a fresh and moisture-free environment.

For more information about the River, please contact Vagabond Haven.

Floor Plans - River by Vagabond Haven
Living Room - River by Vagabond Haven
Aerial View of Living Room - River by Vagabond Haven
Living Room & Kitchen - River by Vagabond Haven
Living Room & Staircase - River by Vagabond Haven
Dining Area - River by Vagabond Haven
Dining Table - River by Vagabond Haven
Walkway - River by Vagabond Haven
Walkway Between Bedroom Lofts - River by Vagabond Haven
Bedroom Loft with Bookcase - River by Vagabond Haven
Bedroom Loft Entry - River by Vagabond Haven
Glass Railing - River by Vagabond Haven
Second Bedroom - River by Vagabond Haven
Corner Shower - River by Vagabond Haven
Bathroom - River by Vagabond Haven

Images © Vagabond Haven