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Vesta 32 by California Tiny House

Vesta 32 by California Tiny House

In the world of tiny homes, innovation and quality are key. California Tiny House, a name synonymous with bespoke craftsmanship in the tiny house community, has once again raised the bar with its latest offering, the Vesta 32.

This charming abode, a blend of practicality and elegance, stands as a testament to the company’s years of experience and dedication to excellence in tiny home construction.

Design and Features of the Vesta 32

The Vesta 32, stretching a modest 10×32 feet, offers a generous 320 square feet of living space. This tiny house is currently in full production and ready to captivate those yearning for a minimalist lifestyle without sacrificing comfort and style.

Thoughtful Design for Maximum Living

One of the standout features of the Vesta 32 is its clever layout, which includes a downstairs bedroom – a rarity in tiny homes. This thoughtful design element ensures a private and peaceful retreat for rest.

Complementing the bedroom is a spacious living room, a well-appointed bathroom, and a cozy kitchen, all designed to maximize space and functionality.

Interior View - Vesta 32 by California Tiny House

Natural Light and Aesthetic Appeal

The Vesta 32’s large windows are not just a source of natural light; they also serve to bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. This infusion of natural light adds an airy, open feel to the space, making the home feel larger than its physical dimensions.

Built with Premium Materials and an Eye for Detail

California Tiny House’s commitment to quality shines through in the Vesta 32. The home is constructed with premium materials, ensuring both beauty and longevity.

The company’s experience with custom projects is evident in every aspect of the Vesta 32, from the choice of low-maintenance materials to the maximum allowable height, enhancing the sense of space.

Versatility and Placement Options

The Vesta 32’s design is not just about aesthetics; it’s also highly functional and versatile. It can be placed in a variety of locations, serving as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or a standalone unit, fitting seamlessly into numerous settings. This versatility speaks to the company’s understanding of the diverse needs of tiny house enthusiasts.

The Culmination of Expertise and Passion

The creation of the Vesta 32 was no small feat. It involved dozens of design variations, cross-referencing the company’s most successful builds, overcoming material-sourcing challenges, and rigorous testing – not to mention countless cups of coffee.

The result is a product line that exemplifies higher quality, faster construction, and greater production and distribution capabilities.

For more information about the Vesta 32, please contact California Tiny House.

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