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Uncharted Tiny Homes

Aerial Interior View - Mansion Elite by Uncharted Tiny Homes

Location: Cave Creek, AZ
Website: Uncharted Tiny Homes
Phone: 602-717-5827

Tiny Houses by Uncharted Tiny Homes

  • Mansion Elite by Uncharted Tiny Homes
    At 30′ long, the Mansion Elite has plenty of space for all the creature comforts of home. Uncharted Tiny Homes used a layout similar to the Mansion, but extended it by six feet. This allows for a 10′ closet/storage area, a full bath tub, and side-by-side washer and dryer! The 350-square-foot tiny house has a …
  • Mansion Jr. by Uncharted Tiny Homes
    Phoenix, Arizona-based Uncharted Tiny Homes created the Mansion Jr, a smaller version of their popular Mansion model. This tiny house is 230 square feet and has a large U-shaped kitchen with tons of counter space. One end of the counter can be used as a dining table or desk. Lots of windows and natural finished …
  • Bunkhouse by Uncharted Tiny Homes
    With its master loft and separate room for two kids, the Bunkhouse makes for a family-friendly gooseneck tiny house. Built by Uncharted Tiny Homes, the 310-square-foot home has two built-in twin sized private bunks over the deck. The Bunkhouse was built on a 30-foot trailer and has a 12-foot master loft over the kitchen and …
  • Mansion by Uncharted Tiny Homes
    The Mansion was built by Phoenix, Arizona-based Uncharted Tiny Homes. The 24′ tiny house comes equipped with two bedroom lofts, a dining table/desk, and a 64-square-foot L-shaped kitchen.  Between the main floor and lofts is a total of 270 square feet. The kitchen features a four burner stove, a large sink, and an apartment size refrigerator. …