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Texas Tiny Houses

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Well, based on how many Texans are looking to downsize, that might no longer be the case.

Whether it’s empty-nesters looking to sell their McMansions so they don’t have so much maintenance to worry about, or young families trying to pay down debt, tiny homes are becoming a popular solution to people’s housing needs. Fortunately, there are several tiny home builders in Texas.

Tiny Home Builders in Texas

Texas is home to tiny home builders that offer tiny houses on wheels, tiny houses on foundations, cargo container homes, and luxury tiny homes. With Austin housing prices skyrocketing over the last several years, it’s not surprising to see the bulk of the tiny house builders are in and around Austin.

Tiny Home Communities in Texas

Spur, Texas

In July 2014, the city council of Spur, Texas declared themselves the “nation’s first tiny house friendly town.” Located approximately an hour east of Lubbock, the town allows tiny home owners to set their homes on a foundation on a regular city lot.ities

Are tiny houses legal in Texas?

Yes! Tiny houses are legal in several cities and counties throughout Texas. Whether you want a rural setting in West Texas or the urban setting of Austin, Texas has you covered.

Tiny houses for rent in Texas

Want to see what it’s like to live tiny? You can rent one of these tiny homes by the night: