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Texas Tiny Homes

Texas Tiny Homes

Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Well, based on how many Texans are looking to downsize, that might no longer be the case.

Whether it’s empty-nesters looking to sell their McMansions so they don’t have so much maintenance to worry about, or young families trying to pay down debt, Texas tiny homes are becoming a popular solution to people’s housing needs. Fortunately, there are several tiny home builders in Texas.

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Texas Tiny Home Builders
Tiny Home Communities in Texas
Are Tiny Homes Legal in Texas?
Texas Tiny Homes for Rent

Texas Flag Decoration - Thoreau by Indigo Tiny Homes
Thoreau by Indigo Tiny Homes

Texas Tiny Home Builders

Texas is home to tiny home builders that offer tiny houses on wheels, tiny houses on foundations, cargo container homes, and luxury tiny homes. With Austin housing prices skyrocketing over the last several years, it’s not surprising to see the bulk of the tiny house builders are in and around Austin.

Texas Oaks Tiny House Community

Tiny Home Communities in Texas

Spur, Texas

In July 2014, the city council of Spur, Texas declared themselves the “nation’s first tiny house friendly town.” Located approximately an hour east of Lubbock, the town allows tiny home owners to set their homes on a foundation on a regular city lot.

Monarch Springs Ranch – Celeste, Texas

Monarch Springs Ranch represents a groundbreaking approach to sustainable housing, offering a unique retirement experience for those aged 55 and above in the Dallas metroplex. This micro home pocket community and agrihood, specifically designed for people over cars, features a collection of cottages clustered around a shared central courtyard, prioritizing a communal lifestyle over traditional neighborhood layouts. Each home, limited to 400 square feet or less, faces this central green space, fostering a close-knit community atmosphere.

The agrihood aspect of Monarch Springs Ranch is a key component, with community raised bed gardens and a stocked pond, encouraging residents to engage in farming and grow their own produce. This initiative not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also aims to reduce living costs. The possibility of expanding to include goats and organic eggs and chickens is also under consideration, depending on the interest of the community members.

Set in a private, park-like setting within a wildlife preserve, Monarch Springs Ranch offers an upscale yet affordable living option. Its innovative design and focus on sustainable, communal living make it a distinct and attractive choice for those seeking an alternative housing solution in the Dallas area.

Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village – Lake Dallas, Texas

The Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village is a pioneering development in sustainable and minimalist living, being the first of its kind to be built within a city’s limits. Specifically designed for tiny homes on wheels, this village adheres to the International Residential Code Appendix Q, ensuring a high standard of living within a compact space.

Located in the heart of Lake Dallas, the village benefits from an array of local amenities. Residents have easy access to a library, children’s parks, tennis courts, ball fields, and various dining options. An old-time hardware store adds to the charm of the neighborhood, while schools and churches are conveniently situated nearby. Moreover, the proximity to Lewisville Lake offers recreational opportunities just a short walk away.

What truly sets the Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village apart is its community spirit. Despite its groundbreaking status and picturesque location, the essence of this village lies in the residents who make it their home. It’s a tranquil and friendly place, ideal for those seeking a simpler, yet fulfilling lifestyle in a close-knit community.

The Waters Tiny Home Community – Nevada, Texas

Are you looking for a retirement tiny home community in Texas? You can bring your tiny house to The Waters, located about 35 minutes east of Dallas. This retirement community (55+) features a community clubhouse, their own fishing lake, walking trail, two dog parks (for large and small dogs), as well as property washer and dryers.

Majestic Hills – Willis, Texas

Majestic Hills is a tiny home community just minutes from Houston, Lake Conroe, and The Woodlands. They have 10+ tiny home models on-site to chose from.

The gated community offers a variety of amenities, including:

  • Community Center
  • Workout Facility
  • Heated Pool/Hot Tub
  • Recreation Room
  • Outdoor Space With Kitchen/Grill
  • Outdoor Lawn Games
  • 1 Acre Fenced in Dog Park
  • 3/4 Acre Community Garden

Village Farm – Austin, Texas

Village Farm in East Austin is a vibrant tiny home community that’s revolutionizing urban living with its focus on simplicity, sustainability, and fostering a strong sense of community.

Positioned less than 8 miles from downtown Austin, it offers an affordable and eco-friendly living option, blending the tranquility of a tiny home community with the unique Austin experience just minutes away.

The community is designed around the central theme of “Austin Simplified,” and its amenities are a testament to this concept. Village Farm features an initial phase of 48 tiny home lots, with plans to expand to a total of 167 lots through four phases.

Upon completion, residents will enjoy a variety of amenities, including a general store, cafe, amphitheater, community gardens, and pocket parks, all aimed at nurturing community spirit. The community also hosts a range of activities like pop-up restaurant nights, a weekly farmers market, and cooking classes for both kids and adults, encouraging resident interaction and engagement.

A key feature of Village Farm is its integration with Green Gate Farms, a USDA certified organic farm. This partnership establishes Village Farm as Austin’s only agrihood community, where residents can participate in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, aligning with the mission of feeding the mind, body, and soul.

For leisure and relaxation, the community offers a resort-style pool and jacuzzi, surrounded by landscaped sitting areas. There are also convenient on-site showers and restrooms. Pet-friendly features include two dog parks and trails, along with dog washing stations, ensuring that pet owners and their companions enjoy their time at Village Farm.

Village Farm also embraces the social aspect of Austin’s culture with multiple picnic and BBQ areas, featuring gas-fired grills and fire pits, perfect for social gatherings. The community gardens provide an opportunity for residents to engage in gardening, further enhancing the agrihood experience.

Lastly, the community is managed by a dedicated on-site team responsible for maintaining common areas, enforcing community rules and regulations, and organizing social activities. This ensures that the high standards of the community are consistently upheld, making Village Farm an ideal place for a simplified, connected, and sustainable living experience.

Tiny Town Texas – Kerrville, TX

From the owners of Hill Country Tiny Homes comes Tiny Town Texas. This community is just getting started, so make sure to apply soon if you’re interested! From their website:

We’ve found our little patch of paradise in Kerrville, TX and closed on the property! We can’t wait to break ground on this property and kick it off. It’s been a long journey to find the right piece of land for this project and while the journey is only just beginning, we are so excited for the progress we’ve made.

– Tiny Town Texas


Yes! At the state level, Texas has adopted the International Residential Code (IRC), which includes Appendix Q, a set of guidelines specifically for tiny homes on wheels (THOWs). Now that the State of Texas has legalized tiny homes, it’s up to each city to decide whether or not to adopt Appendix Q.

Fortunately, several cities and counties throughout Texas have adopted Appendix Q, making tiny homes legal in their jurisdiction. Whether you want a rural setting in West Texas or the urban setting of Austin, Texas has you covered.

Also, in March 2023, Texas State Senator, Paul Bettencourt, introduced a bill (SB 1787) that eliminated most lot size requirements in municipalities that are in counties with a population over 300,000. The bill was approved by the Senate and passed to the House on May 11, 2023.

Cities / Counties


Austin has relaxed zoning laws that allow tiny houses in certain areas. The city passed an ordinance in 2018 that legalizes accessory dwelling units (ADUs) of up to 1,100 square feet, which opens up opportunities for tiny houses.

Tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) are allowed in Austin, with some regulations. THOWs are classified as recreational vehicles (RVs) by the city, so they must follow regulations for RVs. Notably, THOWs cannot be considered permanent residences under Austin’s land development rules. However, this may soon change!

As of September 11, 2023, the Austin City Council is considering allowing THOWs and RVs as ADUs in single-family zoning districts. You can read their Tiny Home Resolution and follow along with the Council’s discussion on their message board.

San Antonio

In 2019, San Antonio approved accessory dwelling units (ADUs) up to 1,100 sq.ft. on lots zoned single-family residential. This allows for tiny homes on foundations.

Unfortunately, tiny houses on wheels cannot be inhabited as full-time residences in San Antonio. They must be registered as RVs and moved periodically.

Houston & Dallas

Houston and Dallas both have some allowances for tiny houses, but with restrictions.

A tiny house built on a foundation as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) can be allowed, but neighborhoods are allowed to restrict ADUs.

Tiny houses on wheels are allowed in Houston and Dallas, but they are considered RVs. As with RVs, tiny houses on wheels can be parked on private residential lots, but cannot be occupied as full-time residences.

Texas Tiny Homes for Rent

Want to see what it’s like to live tiny? You can rent one of these Texas tiny homes by the night: