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Old Stick Lounge

Located in Leander, Texas – 35 miles from downtown Austin – is the Old Stick Lounge, a 40-foot shipping container house available for nightly rental through Airbnb. The countryside getaway resides on the seven acre Old Stick Ranch.

Built out of an up-cycled 40-foot shipping container, the home provides accommodations for up to five guests between its three single beds and couch that sleeps two.

In the living room is the couch, a drop down bed that stores against the wall when not in use, and a desk with chair.

The kitchen includes two induction glass top burners, fridge, sink, toaster, and microwave.

The bedroom has a raised bed over a desk and dresser.

In the bathroom is a stand up shower and flush toilet.

A rooftop deck provides a large, covered area to enjoy the outdoors.

Prices start at $72 per night. For rates and availability you can view their Airbnb listing.

40' Shipping Container Home - Old Stick Lounge

Patio - Old Stick Lounge

Rooftop Deck - Old Stick Lounge

Kitchenette & Living Room - Old Stick Lounge

Living Room - Old Stick Lounge

Kitchentte & Bedroom - Old Stick Lounge

Kitchentte - Old Stick Lounge

Single Bed - Old Stick Lounge

Main Living Area - Old Stick Lounge

Couch & Bed - Old Stick Lounge

Fold Down Bed - Old Stick Lounge

Couch & Desk - Old Stick Lounge

Bedroom - Old Stick Lounge

Bathroom - Old Stick Lounge

Images via Airbnb

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