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Cavin by Movable Roots

Cavin by Movable Roots

Movable Roots presents the “Cavin,” a custom-built tiny home that extends over 300 square feet, including a loft, all set upon a 28-foot Movable Roots trailer. Remarkably, this home is not just designed around the client’s needs but also thoughtfully accommodates her beloved pets, Natasha the cat and Herman the 15-year-old tortoise.

Special Pet-Friendly Design:

  • Natasha’s litter box is ingeniously integrated into a built-in cabinet with external venting, a clever solution for maintaining a fresh indoor atmosphere.
  • Herman’s space is atop the custom-built base cabinets, demonstrating Movable Roots’ ability to create unique solutions for pet housing within compact spaces.
Large Awning Over Front Door - Cavin by Movable Roots

Interior Features and Layout:

  • The master bedroom in the loft is accessible via custom stairs that ingeniously incorporate storage.
  • Abundant custom cabinetry and storage options are prevalent, starting with an L-shaped kitchen boasting 42″ upper cabinets and a raised bar for ample countertop space.
  • The raised floor living room is surrounded by built-in bookshelves and a custom storage couch that doubles as an additional sleeping area.
  • A pass-through changing area is designed to accommodate the client’s heirloom armoire, providing an elegant separation between the kitchen and bathroom.
  • The bathroom is spaciously designed within its 30 square feet, featuring a standard flush toilet, a 36″x36″ walk-in shower with subway tile, and a vessel sink accompanied by custom shelving.

Exterior and Additional Amenities:

  • The Cavin includes an electric awning with wind sensor capabilities, offering shade and comfort on sunny days.

Movable Roots’ Cavin is a perfect illustration of a tiny home tailored to individual needs and lifestyles, including those of pets. Every aspect of its design, from pet accommodation to the efficient use of space and storage, showcases a commitment to personalized, comfortable, and functional living.

Please contact Movable Roots for more information about the Cavin.

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Images © Movable Roots