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Adams by Movable Roots

Adams by Movable Roots

The Adams Tiny House, a custom creation by Movable Roots, exemplifies functional living in a compact space. Built on a 28’ trailer, this home extends over 385 square feet, including its loft areas, and is a testament to smart design and efficient use of space.

Crafted specifically for a mother and her twin boys, the Adams features a main floor bedroom and two innovative loft spaces. One loft serves as a cozy sleeping area, reached via a custom wood ladder. The other loft, dedicated to play, is cleverly accessible by a ladder that can be discreetly tucked away behind the refrigerator.

This thoughtful design not only maximizes space but also injects a sense of fun and adventure into the home.

The main floor houses a master bedroom, complete with a queen bed and a spacious closet, addressing the need for comfort and storage in a compact living environment. Storage is a key element in the Adams, with an abundance of cabinetry and custom storage solutions that cater to the family’s needs.

Exterior View - Adams by Movable Roots

Understanding the family’s desire for occasional off-grid living, the house is equipped with black and grey water tanks, as well as a freshwater tank. This feature allows for flexibility and self-sufficiency, crucial for those seeking the freedom to explore without sacrificing the comforts of home.

The interior design of the Adams Tiny House is nothing short of stunning. Drawing inspiration from the color Olive Grove by Magnolia, the cabinets bathe the space in a warm and inviting hue. Complementing this are brass accents and butcher block countertops that flow seamlessly throughout the kitchen and bathroom, creating a harmonious and stylish aesthetic.

The bathroom doesn’t skimp on features either, boasting a Separett composting toilet, a walk-in shower, and a vessel sink. These elements come together to form a functional yet elegant space, reflecting the overall design ethos of the home.

The Adams tiny house is a prime example of how a home can be both functional and stylish, catering to the specific needs of its inhabitants. It demonstrates that with thoughtful design, a small space can be transformed into a comfortable, efficient, and delightful home for a family.

For more information about the Adams tiny house, please contact Movable Roots.

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