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Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse

Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse

The tiny house movement has taken a sophisticated turn with the introduction of the MOBI 06 ALMOND, a modified and enhanced version of the popular Mobi 06 model, known for its distinctive cubic shape.

Built by MobiHouse in Poland, this tiny home is a perfect blend of functionality and cozy living, set on a robust MH trailers’ 8.4 meters long, 3-axle trailer.

A Bold Exterior Meets a Bright and Cozy Interior

At first glance, the MOBI 06 ALMOND captivates with its bold black facade, a daring choice that sets it apart from typical tiny homes.

However, it’s the interior where the real magic happens. The design is spacious and illuminated, with a bright palette accented by strong colors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Black Exterior - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse

Spacious Living Room with a Modern Twist

Upon entering through the double doors, you’re greeted by a spacious living area. It features a large sofa bed, movable poufs, a coffee table, and a fireplace, perfect for cozy evenings. The living room is not just comfortable but also stylish, reflecting the modern aesthetic of the tiny house.

Functional and Chic Kitchen

On one side of the cottage lies the kitchen, boasting white and bottle green cabinets, exuding a chic and functional vibe. The space is optimized with a drop-down table, folding chairs attached to the ceiling, and plenty of wood accents.

The kitchen is fully equipped with an induction cooktop, cooker hood, electric oven with microwave, refrigerator, and even a dishwasher.

Contemporary Bathroom

Opposite the kitchen, a beautiful milled door in bottle green leads to a contemporary bathroom. It features a shower cubicle, a built-in classic toilet, and ample cabinet space, all designed with functionality in mind.

Ingenious Mezzanine Floors

Above the kitchen and bathroom are two mezzanine floors, adding an innovative touch to the MOBI 06 ALMOND.

The first mezzanine, accessible by an original duck staircase, houses a lockable bedroom with a skylight, ensuring privacy and comfort.

The second mezzanine, reached by a ladder and secured with an openwork railing, offers another cozy bedroom space.

Year-Round Comfort

Designed for year-round living, the MOBI 06 ALMOND is equipped with underfloor heating, radiators, an air conditioner with a heating function, and a fireplace.

Additional features like a recuperator, monitoring with an alarm, installation for photovoltaic panels, and a washer-dryer connection ensure modern living standards.

For more information about the MOBI 06 ALMOND, please contact MobiHouse.

Full Light Doors - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Exterior View - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Double Entry Doors - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Interior View - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Movable Poufs - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Duck Staircase - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Bedroom Loft - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Fold Down Table - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Kitchen & Ladder - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Full Kitchen - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Kitchen Sink - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Bathroom - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse
Shower - Mobi 06 Almond by MobiHouse

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