Exterior Front View - Minim Micro Homes

Minim Micro Homes, Starting at $70,000

The Minim Micro Home is Brian Levy’s vision of combining sustainability and style.  This 210 sq.ft. modern tiny house uses structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the walls and roof, allowing for better energy efficiency and soundproofing.  Inside, there is a 10′ wide kitchen with a high BTU marine grade cooktop, an easy pull out floor bed (no loft!), and an innovative table system …

Wedge by Wheelhaus

Wedge by Wheelhaus

The Wedge is a 400 sq.ft. luxury tiny house created by Wheelhaus.  The roofline and exterior siding is built from reclaimed Wyoming snow fencing and uses a timber and steel roof system.  This model is 10.5′ wide x 38′ long, plus there is another 100 sq.ft. of outdoor patio space.  The Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming has several Wedge …

Exterior View - Nashville Tiny House

Nashville Tiny House

The Nashville Tiny House has a modern, minimalist design with clean lines, white space, and high ceilings.  The 185-sq.ft. custom-built house is sustainably made from recycled wood on a restored trailer.  The house is available for rent through Airbnb. Images & Video © Nashville Tiny House

Exterior View - Rustic Modern Tiny House

The Rustic Modern Tiny House

The Rustic Modern is a 350 sq.ft. tiny house in Portland, Oregon that was recently featured on Tiny House Nation.  The builder/owners, Michael and Jenna, rent the house on Airbnb.  With sustainability in mind, they constructed and furnished the house from an eclectic array of reclaimed materials.

Exterior - Nomad Tiny Home

Nomad Tiny Homes, Starting at $39,000

Here is a clean, modern tiny house created by Alex & Marianne Worlow of Nomad Tiny Homes.  After 10 years of building traditional houses they switched their focus to building efficient, eco-friendly tiny homes.  This model is 200 sq.ft. on the main floor and 63 sq.ft. in the loft.  It is 23.5′ long and features birch plywood throughout. A custom …

Exterior View - Morrison hOMe by EcoCabins

Morrison 28′ hOMe by EcoCabins

Designed by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison and built by EcoCabins in Colorado Springs, the Morrison hOMe comes in either a 24′ or 28′ option.  (The 28′ option is shown below.)  EcoCabins uses high-efficiency, superior-quality, factory-built technology to produce each hOMe, allowing them to avoid the elements during the build process and reduce waste.  A hOMe can be built in 4-8 weeks. Images © EcoCabins

The V House by Nelson Tiny Houses

The V House by Nelson Tiny Houses

The V House is a creation by Nelson Tiny Houses based out of Nelson, British Columbia. V Homes — the “V is for Versatility” — can range from 108 to 250 sq.ft. and start at $35,000 for a 120 sq.ft. model (8′ x 15′). The Nelson Team can furnish it completely with custom-built furniture or keep it bare-bones. You can …

Payette by Greenleaf Tiny Homes

Payette by Greenleaf Tiny Homes

The Payette model by TruForm Tiny is available in 20′, 24′, or 28′ lengths, ranging from 240-304 sq.ft.  They offer several interior options (ladder vs stairs, kitchenette vs extended kitchen, etc) as well as Country or Cottage exteriors.  Prices start at $54,000. Images © TruForm Tiny

Fy Nyth Redux

Fy Nyth Tiny House

The Fy Nyth is a customized 24′ Cypress Overlook plan from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Fy Nyth’s owner, Ariel McGlothin, lives off-grid in the mountains of Wyoming where she trucks in her own water and has solar panels and propane for power and heat. The 180-square-foot tiny house on wheels has a propane oven/range, propane heater, and electric refrigerator. Ariel …

Cultivating Contentment

Cultivating Contentment

No matter how die-hard a small space living enthusiast you may be, there will undoubtedly be times when your 500 square feet of space doesn’t seem like enough — especially when you visit family and friends who live in comparatively massive 2,500+ square foot homes. In those moments you feel tempted to compare your home and find it lacking, remember …