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Urban Chalet

Urban Chalet

The Urban Chalet is a modern studio available for nightly rental in Lexington, Kentucky. A huge window wall with a 6-foot retractable door overlooks the front deck and property.

The home is tucked in a private corner of the property so guests can relax and rejuvenate in a quiet place.  In front of the 6-foot door is a solid wood retractable drafting table so you can work on your laptop while enjoying the view.

The Urban Chalet has a well-designed, functional living space. The living room doubles as the bedroom with a queen size memory foam Murphy bed that folds down over the couch.

An 84″ projector screen with 7.1 surround sound provides an exceptional theater experience.

The Euro-style kitchen is equipped with an induction cooktop, toaster oven with bake, broil and roasting options, a mini refrigerator, microwave, and washer/dryer combo. There is also a set of pots, pans, silverware, knife set, and cooking utensils.

The spa-style wet bath has an open ceiling design, inset teak mat for the shower, wall mounted vanity, and flush toilet.

Prices start at $78 per night. For rates and availability you can view their Airbnb listing.

Euro-Style Kitchen - Urban Chalet
Window Wall - Urban Chalet
Living Area - Urban Chalet
Murphy Bed - Urban Chalet
Solid Wood Drafting Table - Urban Chalet
Projector Screen - Urban Chalet
Walkway - Urban Chalet
Wet Bath - Urban Chalet
Tile & Teak Shower - Urban Chalet

Images via Airbnb