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Ufogel Tiny House

Located in Debant, Austria is the Ufogel Tiny House. Built on stilts and floating above a meadow, the modern cabin gets its name from its extraterrestrial resemblance. A panoramic window offers a stunning view of the Lienz Dolomites.

The two story house has a compact footprint while offering 485-square-feet of living space. The curved timber structure is built out of larch wood, creating a cozy cabin ambiance along with the wood stove.

The main living area includes a cantilevered table that can accommodate eight people, a nook to relax and enjoy the panoramic view, and a kitchenette with sink, electric cooktop, and refrigerator. The bedroom has a double bed plus a separate area for kids.

The bathroom has a tile floor, glass shower door, and a view overlooking the mountains of East Tyrol.

The Ufogel is available for nightly rental starting at €150. You can visit their website for more information, including prices and availability.

Modern Cabin - Ufogel Tiny House

Cantilevered Table - Ufogel Tiny House

Kitchen - Ufogel Tiny House

Table For Eight - Ufogel Tiny House

Panoramic View - Ufogel Tiny House

Enjoying the View - Ufogel Tiny House

Stairs - Ufogel Tiny House

Entryway - Ufogel Tiny House

Bedroom - Ufogel Tiny House

Curved Ceiling - Ufogel Tiny House

Kids' Bedroom - Ufogel Tiny House

Glass Shower - Ufogel Tiny House

Bathroom - Ufogel Tiny House

Bathroom Sink - Ufogel Tiny House

Closet - Ufogel Tiny House

Images © Ufogel

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Rustic Modern by Ana White
Rustic Modern Tiny House by Ana White
Pioneer by Tiny Idahomes
Pioneer by Tiny Idahomes
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