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Meet “Navi,” a converted school bus by Michael Fuehrer. Michael bought the 35-foot 2004 Thomas Freightliner for $3,600 and converted it into a tiny home that he uses to travel and enjoy the outdoors. The total price for the bus and conversion was about $30,000 and the work was done by Michael and his dad.

The exterior is outfitted with a fold down table on the side of the bus, a 7’x2.5′ “garage” for tools and outdoor gear, and best of all, an 8’x10′ rooftop deck! Along with the deck is a solar panel system and three skylights.

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The bus offers approximately 140-square-feet of living space and includes sleeping space for six, a 6-foot kitchen table, full size range, 10.4 cu.ft. refrigerator, and a wet bath with composting toilet.

The kitchen is also equipped with a full size residential sink and countertops that Michael built from reclaimed maple.

Under the bus is a 130 gallon fresh water tank, 100 gallon gray water tank, 100 gallon diesel tank, 29.3 gallon propane tank, and seven feet of storage boxes.

For more information about the bus conversion, you can check out Michael’s website, Navigation Nowhere. Make sure to follow him on Instagram as well!

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Photo Credits: Coriann Photography

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