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From School Bus to Dream Home: The $30,000 Navi Conversion Story

From School Bus to Dream Home: The $30,000 Navi Conversion Story

In the world of innovative and adventurous living, Michael Fuehrer’s remarkable conversion of a 2004 Thomas Freightliner school bus into a cozy tiny home is nothing short of inspiring.

Aptly named “Navi,” this 35-foot wonder on wheels serves as both a travel companion and an ode to the great outdoors. In this article, we delve into the details of this extraordinary conversion project that has captured the imagination of many.

A Thrifty Beginning: Acquiring the School Bus

The journey of Navi began with Michael’s purchase of a 2004 Thomas Freightliner school bus for the modest sum of $3,600. Little did he know that this aging vehicle would soon undergo a remarkable transformation into a unique tiny home on wheels.

A DIY Transformation: Michael’s Vision Takes Shape

Michael, accompanied by his father, embarked on a labor of love to convert the school bus into a comfortable living space. The total cost of this ambitious project, which encompassed both the purchase of the bus and the conversion work, amounted to approximately $30,000.

Bus Conversion - Navigation Nowhere

Exterior Features: Functional and Exciting

The exterior of Navi boasts a host of features designed to enhance its functionality and appeal to outdoor enthusiasts. These include a convenient fold-down table along the side of the bus, a 7’x2.5′ “garage” for storing tools and outdoor gear, and perhaps the pièce de résistance, an expansive 8’x10′ rooftop deck.

This outdoor oasis is complemented by a solar panel system and three skylights, allowing for sustainable living and an abundance of natural light.

Interior Comfort: Compact Yet Well-Appointed

Inside Navi, you’ll discover approximately 140 square feet of thoughtfully designed living space. This compact haven comfortably accommodates up to six people and features a 6-foot kitchen table, a full-size range, a spacious 10.4-cubic-foot refrigerator, and a wet bath equipped with a composting toilet.

The kitchen area showcases Michael’s craftsmanship, featuring full-size residential sink and countertops crafted from reclaimed maple.

Essential Systems and Storage

Beneath the bus, essential systems are neatly tucked away, ensuring a seamless and self-sufficient journey. Navi boasts a 130-gallon fresh water tank, a 100-gallon gray water tank, a 100-gallon diesel tank, a 29.3-gallon propane tank, and seven feet of storage boxes. These systems provide the necessary resources for extended travel and off-grid living, making Navi a versatile and self-reliant home on wheels.

Connect with Navi and Michael

For those who wish to explore this incredible bus conversion in more detail, Michael has created a dedicated website, “Navigation Nowhere.” You can find additional insights, photos, and information about Navi’s journey on this platform. Additionally, be sure to follow Michael on Instagram for regular updates and captivating glimpses into the adventures that Navi enables.

Rooftop Deck - Navigation Nowhere
Solar Panels & Deck - Navigation Nowhere
Kitchen - Navigation Nowhere
Full Size Sink - Navigation Nowhere
Reclaimed Maple Counters - Navigation Nowhere
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Wet Bath - Navigation Nowhere

Photo Credits: Coriann Photography