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Minim Micro Homes, Starting at $70,000

The Minim Micro Home is Brian Levy’s vision of combining sustainability and style.  This 210 sq.ft. modern tiny house uses structural insulated panels (SIPs) for the walls and roof, allowing for better energy efficiency and soundproofing.  Inside, there is a 10′ wide kitchen with a high BTU marine grade cooktop, an easy pull out floor bed (no loft!), and an innovative table system that can be used as a kitchen island, desk, coffee table, dining table, and bedside table.

You can have the house built for you or buy the plans.

Exterior Side View - Minim Micro Homes

Exterior Front View - Minim Micro Homes

Kitchen and Living Room - Minim Micro Homes

Pull-Out Bed - Minim Micro Homes

Living Room - Minim Micro Homes

Living Room w/ Table - Minim Micro Homes

Bathroom - Minim Micro Homes

Kitchen - Minim Micro Homes

Entertainment Center - Minim Micro Homes

Photo Credits: Paul Burk

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