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Mayu Tiny House

Nestled in the trees on a five acre property is the Mayu Tiny House. Mayu, meaning “cocoon” in Japanese, was built by artist and builder Miwa Oseki Robbins. The house is located in West Hill, a few minutes from Ithaca, New York.

The Mayu sits at the top of a hill facing east, providing wonderful sunrise views from the large patio.

Mayu Tiny House

Inside the tiny house is a wood burning stove and small kitchen with gas range and refrigerator. The sleeping loft has a dual-layer memory foam mattress and plush topper. The house also includes artwork from the builder.

The bathroom has a composting toilet. The house doesn’t have running water, so an outdoor shower with on-demand hot water is provided.

Secluded Location - Mayu Tiny House
View From Loft - Mayu Tiny House
Living Room - Mayu Tiny House
Tatami Mats - Mayu Tiny House
Bedroom Loft - Mayu Tiny House
Kitchen - Mayu Tiny House
Bench Seat - Mayu Tiny House
Bathroom - Mayu Tiny House
Patio - Mayu Tiny House
Outdoor Shower - Mayu Tiny House

Images via Airbnb

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