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Marjolein’s Tiny House

Marjolein’s Tiny House

This contemporary off-grid tiny house is home to Marjolein Jonker in the Netherlands. Marjolein was looking to downsize, and after coming across the tiny house movement in the United States, she decided a tiny house was what she wanted for herself.

It took about a year from making the decision to build a tiny house until the house was completed and she got permission from her city council to live in the house full-time. This made her the first person in the Netherlands to legally live in a tiny house!

Large French doors provide a picturesque view of her surroundings and open onto a deck.

Inside, the high ceilings provide an open feel and the three operable skylights let in abundant natural light.

There is an L-shaped couch in the living room, a wood-burning stove, and a simple kitchen with fridge, oven, and sink.

This environmentally-friendly house was designed by Buro Walden and built by Dimka Wentzel. It cost Marjolein approximately 35,000€ in 2015 to have the house built.

You can view more information on Marjolein’s website. (Website is in Dutch, so if you use a browser like Chrome it will translate for you.)

Off Grid Tiny House - Marjolein's Tiny House
Marjolein's Tiny House in the Netherlands
Large French Doors - Marjolein's Tiny House
Large Kitchen Window - Marjolein's Tiny House
Bedroom Loft with Skylight - Marjolein's Tiny House
Bathroom - Marjolein's Tiny House
Living Room - Marjolein's Tiny House
Kitchen & Wood-Burning Stove - Marjolein's Tiny House

Images © Marjolein Jonker