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Gem by VIVA Collectiv

The Gem is a 173-square-foot tiny house with a bedroom platform and under floor storage. The house was designed by Brian Crabb at VIVA Collectiv and was a collaborative build between Total Property Solutions and the crew of Tiny House Nation.

The tiny house has gray siding, red trim, and a red front door. Four skylights on each side of the house provide lots of natural light. At either end of the house are tapered walls, allowing for extra interior room while sitting on a smaller trailer.

As you enter The Gem you’ll find a beautiful fold down table below a wide window. The living room floor has large hatches with storage space underneath, plus there is storage in the custom couch. The bedroom platform helps separate the sleeping space while allowing plenty of headroom for the owners.

The galley kitchen includes a five burner gas range, farmhouse sink, and apartment size refrigerator. White appliances, white cabinets, and white/gray counters provide a bright farmhouse style kitchen. Beyond the kitchen is the bathroom with composting toilet, vanity, and full size shower.

Above the kitchen and bathroom is a guest loft with two skylights.

Also available from Viva Collectiv:

Skylights - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Floor Storage - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Custom Table - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Galley Kitchen - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Bedroom Platform - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Bedroom Loft - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Bathroom - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Bathtub - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Tiny House Exterior - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Farmhouse Kitchen - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Loft Skylights - Gem by VIVA Collectiv

Images © VIVA Collectiv

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Williams by Tiny Treasure Homes
Williams by Tiny Treasure Homes
Téméraire by Baluchon
Téméraire by Baluchon
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