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Fy Nyth Tiny House

Fy Nyth Tiny House

The Fy Nyth is a customized 24′ Cypress Overlook plan from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Fy Nyth’s owner, Ariel McGlothin, lives off-grid in the mountains of Wyoming where she trucks in her own water and has solar panels and propane for power and heat.

The 180-square-foot tiny house on wheels has a propane oven/range, propane heater, and electric refrigerator. Ariel also has a wood burning stove to keep her warm during the cold Wyoming winters.

Ariel blogs about her experiences living in the tiny house at Fy Nyth. She also has a YouTube channel with several hundred videos.

Exterior Side View - Fy Nyth
Exterior Night View - Fy Nyth
Entryway - Fy Nyth
Interior View - Fy Nyth
Kitchen and Living Room - Fy Nyth
Kitchen - Fy Nyth
Stairs - Fy Nyth
Aerial View - Fy Nyth
Living Room - Fy Nyth
Bedroom Loft - Fy Nyth

Images © Ariel McGlothin