Wedge by Wheelhaus

Wedge by Wheelhaus

The Wedge is a 400 sq.ft. luxury tiny house created by Wheelhaus.  The roofline and exterior siding is built from reclaimed Wyoming snow fencing and uses a timber and steel roof system.  This model is 10.5′ wide x 38′ long, plus there is another 100 sq.ft. of outdoor patio space.  The Fireside Resort in Jackson Hole, Wyoming has several Wedge …

Exterior View - Nashville Tiny House

Nashville Tiny House

The Nashville Tiny House has a modern, minimalist design with clean lines, white space, and high ceilings.  The 185-sq.ft. custom-built house is sustainably made from recycled wood on a restored trailer.  The house is available for rent through Airbnb. Images & Video © Nashville Tiny House

Exterior View - Rustic Modern Tiny House

The Rustic Modern Tiny House

The Rustic Modern is a 350 sq.ft. tiny house in Portland, Oregon that was recently featured on Tiny House Nation.  The builder/owners, Michael and Jenna, rent the house on Airbnb.  With sustainability in mind, they constructed and furnished the house from an eclectic array of reclaimed materials.

Exterior - Nomad Tiny Home

Nomad Tiny Homes, Starting at $39,000

Here is a clean, modern tiny house created by Alex & Marianne Worlow of Nomad Tiny Homes.  After 10 years of building traditional houses they switched their focus to building efficient, eco-friendly tiny homes.  This model is 200 sq.ft. on the main floor and 63 sq.ft. in the loft.  It is 23.5′ long and features birch plywood throughout. A custom …

Exterior View - Morrison hOMe by EcoCabins

Morrison 28′ hOMe by EcoCabins

Designed by Andrew and Gabriella Morrison and built by EcoCabins in Colorado Springs, the Morrison hOMe comes in either a 24′ or 28′ option.  (The 28′ option is shown below.)  EcoCabins uses high-efficiency, superior-quality, factory-built technology to produce each hOMe, allowing them to avoid the elements during the build process and reduce waste.  A hOMe can be built in 4-8 weeks. Images © EcoCabins

The V House by Nelson Tiny Houses

The V House by Nelson Tiny Houses

The V House is a creation by Nelson Tiny Houses based out of Nelson, British Columbia. V Homes — the “V is for Versatility” — can range from 108 to 250 sq.ft. and start at $35,000 for a 120 sq.ft. model (8′ x 15′). The Nelson Team can furnish it completely with custom-built furniture or keep it bare-bones. You can …

Payette by Greenleaf Tiny Homes

Payette by Greenleaf Tiny Homes

The Payette model by TruForm Tiny is available in 20′, 24′, or 28′ lengths, ranging from 240-304 sq.ft.  They offer several interior options (ladder vs stairs, kitchenette vs extended kitchen, etc) as well as Country or Cottage exteriors.  Prices start at $54,000. Images © TruForm Tiny

Fy Nyth Redux

Fy Nyth Tiny House

The Fy Nyth is a customized 24′ Cypress Overlook plan from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Fy Nyth’s owner, Ariel McGlothin, lives off-grid in the mountains of Wyoming where she trucks in her own water and has solar panels and propane for power and heat. The 180-square-foot tiny house on wheels has a propane oven/range, propane heater, and electric refrigerator. Ariel …

Cultivating Contentment

Cultivating Contentment

No matter how die-hard a small space living enthusiast you may be, there will undoubtedly be times when your 500 square feet of space doesn’t seem like enough — especially when you visit family and friends who live in comparatively massive 2,500+ square foot homes. In those moments you feel tempted to compare your home and find it lacking, remember …

Balance Urban Lifestyle

Finding Balance in an Urban Lifestyle

Living in a compact apartment within walking distance of work, school, and shopping, biking or using public transit, experiencing unique city culture and venues — these things characterize the urban lifestyle many people prefer. Although it’s unlikely to affect city dwellers’ enthusiasm for it, the urban lifestyle introduces unique pitfalls including the temptation to over-caffeinate, overeat, over-tech, and be inactive. …