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Best Tiny House Builders in California [2024 Update]

Best Tiny House Builders in California [2024 Update]

California’s diverse landscapes, from sun-kissed beaches to serene forests, create an ideal backdrop for the tiny house lifestyle.

We are showcasing the best tiny house builders in California, each bringing their unique flair and expertise. Whether you’re dreaming of a minimalist urban dwelling or a cozy retreat in nature, our featured builders offer innovative designs and eco-friendly solutions.

Explore the list of California tiny house builders below to discover how you can join the growing movement of tiny living, where less space means more freedom for adventure and creativity.

The Best Tiny House Builders in California:

  1. Artistree
  2. California Tiny House
  3. Central Coast Tiny Homes
  4. Forever Tiny Homes
  5. JT Collective Tiny Homes
  6. KJE Tiny Homes
  7. Living Vehicle
  8. Pacifica Tiny Homes
  9. Sierra Tiny Houses
  10. Zen Tiny Homes
Phoenix House by Artistree
Phoenix House by Artistree

Artistree Home – Occidental, CA

Artistree Home, a design-build studio co-founded by Will Beilharz and his mother Amy Beilharz, specializes in transforming the dream of sleeping amongst trees into a luxurious reality.

Based in Occidental, Artistree is not just about building treehouses and tiny homes; it’s a company with a heart for the environment. They dedicate 10% of their business profits to forest restoration and stewardship projects in Sonoma County and beyond, embodying a commitment to nature and sustainability.

Artistree’s creations are globally recognized, offering customers around the world the opportunity to experience unique, one-of-a-kind overnight stays in their meticulously crafted treehouses in Sonoma County.

Artistree Home stands out for its sustainable practices and expertise in bringing to life the visions of those who dream of a unique, closer-to-nature living experience.

Vesta 32 by California Tiny House
Vesta 32 by California Tiny House

California Tiny House – Fresno, CA

California Tiny House, a family-owned and operated business since 2014, has established itself as a cornerstone in the tiny house community, deeply rooted in the heart of California.

Renowned for their commitment to lasting quality, innovation, and livability, they approach each project with a dedication to creating a positive and lasting impact, from the initial design stages to years beyond completion.

But their influence extends far beyond just building tiny homes. California Tiny House is at the forefront of the tiny house movement in terms of legalization and education. They have played a pivotal role in some of the most groundbreaking tiny house bills in California and across the country.

Their passion for spreading knowledge has led them to partner with CTE and ROP programs throughout California, introducing tiny house curriculum in schools and fostering a new generation of construction-education enthusiasts.

With a love for their craft and a deep involvement in the tiny house movement, California Tiny House is more than a builder; they are innovators, educators, and advocates, excitedly contributing to the growing trend of tiny living.

Central Coast Tiny Homes – Templeton, CA

Central Coast Tiny Homes, born from three decades of building, remodeling, and decorating expertise by its founders, stands as a testament to innovative and comfortable tiny living. As a general contractor often approached for affordable yet attractive guest house solutions, the founder saw an opportunity in tiny homes – leading to the creation of the Corbett Canyon model, a design that breaks free from the constraints of typical tiny homes’ narrow spaces and low ceilings.

Based on the philosophy of creating homes that are both beautifully decorated and comfortable, whether for permanent or temporary living, Central Coast Tiny Homes specializes in single-level floor plans ranging from 300 to 400 square feet.

Their Corbett Canyon Max model is among the largest luxury tiny homes in the tiny house market, offering spacious one and two-bedroom floor plans with high ceilings and no lofts, making tiny living accessible even to seniors and those preferring to avoid stairs.

Their homes, including the 295-square-foot Corbett Canyon Studio model, feature open, free-flowing designs with large windows, skylights, and carefully chosen cabinets, fixtures, hardware, and accessories that lend a unique, luxurious feel.

Central Coast Tiny Homes also boasts a patented “pop-out” expanding function, allowing for interior widths of fourteen to seventeen feet, ensuring their homes are not only spacious but also easily transportable, perfectly blending practicality with the elegance of modern living.

Forever Tiny Homes – Cottonwood, CA

Forever Tiny Homes, founded by CEO Arlin Mendoza, has been a prominent figure in the tiny home industry for over a decade. Starting in Crescent City, California, and now in their third expansion phase in a 24,000 sqft facility in Cottonwood, CA, they have cemented their reputation as a certified and licensed movable tiny home manufacturer.

As a woman-owned family business, Forever Tiny Homes places immense value on customer service and satisfaction, ensuring that every client receives their ideal Forever Home. With more than 11 years of industry experience, they specialize in delivering high-quality tiny homes across the United States.

Their services extend beyond manufacturing, as they also operate a licensed dealership. They manage all DMV paperwork in-house, including the VIN stamping of their chassis, and offer a range of in-stock models ready for delivery.

Forever Tiny Homes stands out with its commitment to quality, attention to detail, and a wide variety of products and customizable options. They ensure that their tiny homes are not only insurable by major insurance companies but also come with RVIA Certification, which aids in financing, resell, and parking.

Cedar Ridge by JT Collective Tiny Homes
Cedar Ridge by JT Collective Tiny Homes

JT Collective Tiny Homes – Tollhouse, CA

JT Collective, a dynamic and family-oriented tiny home construction company, was born from the dreams of Jacob and Thaïs and their four children, nestled in the Sierra Nevadas.

Their experience managing AirBNBs in diverse Californian locales sparked their vision of creating custom tiny homes on wheels, blending the concepts of housing and adventure. Today, this dream is a vibrant reality, with JT Collective at the forefront of the tiny home movement.

Jacob, the driving force behind JT Collective, brings a multifaceted skill set to the table. His passion for carpentry, kindled in high school while building custom kitchen cabinets, has blossomed into a broad range of expertise encompassing general construction, finish carpentry, electrical work, roofing, glazing, and superintending. His exceptional attention to detail and joy in working with both his head and his hands are evident in every project.

Joining Jacob is John, a third-generation carpenter whose nearly two decades of experience as a residential home inspector add immense value to the team. With plumbing, electrical, and general contractor’s licenses under his belt, John is the quintessential craftsman, known for his experience and integrity. Together, Jacob and John lead JT Collective with a commitment to quality, detail, and the pursuit of bringing the dream of tiny living to life for their clients.

KJE Tiny Homes – Fresno, CA

KJE Tiny Homes, a family-run company, embodies a fusion of family values and strong morals in every aspect of its operations. Founded by a husband and wife team, the company proudly carries the name of their oldest son, represented by his initials ‘KJE’.

Their journey in tiny house building began in 2016, with their first project on the family property, while their son played in his playpen nearby. This deeply personal beginning has evolved into a successful business, renowned for its custom, one-of-a-kind tiny homes.

Each project at KJE Tiny Homes is a unique undertaking, reflecting the individuality of their clients. The founders enjoy the process of meeting diverse people drawn to tiny living, and dedicate themselves to understanding each client’s story.

This commitment ensures that every tiny home they construct is a distinct expression of its owner’s vision. From its family-oriented inception to its current success, KJE Tiny Homes continues to grow, driven by a passion for creating bespoke tiny homes that are as unique as the people who live in them.

Living Vehicle
Living Vehicle

Living Vehicle – Santa Barbara, CA

Living Vehicle, founded by Matthew and Joanna Hofmann, is the embodiment of a deep-rooted passion for freedom and a decade of experience in designing and living in mobile spaces. This venture is the realization of the Hofmann family’s mantra, “experience is the best teacher.”

As a young architect and his wife, Matthew and Joanna’s shared enthusiasm for a life of quality and liberty led them to this innovative path. Their journey, marked by extensive travels in mobile spaces and running a custom mobile design firm in Santa Barbara, CA, sparked the inspiration to create Living Vehicle – a mobile space tailored for the modern, nomadic lifestyle.

Driven by a vision of sustainability, Living Vehicle is a step towards a self-supporting, net-zero future. The Hofmanns’ goal is to redefine mobile living, merging the freedom of mobility with the comforts and sustainability of a permanent home.

Their commitment to innovation and environmentally-conscious design is at the heart of Living Vehicle, setting a new standard in the realm of mobile, sustainable living.

Pacifica Tiny Homes – Pacifica, CA

Crystal and Josue, the founders of Pacifica Tiny Homes, have shared a journey filled with adventure and creativity since their teenage years.

Crystal, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, has a deep love for education and reading. With two Bachelors and a Masters degree under her belt, she formerly thrived as an English teacher.

Josue, originally from Mexico City and raised in Los Angeles, has dedicated his career to plumbing, constantly seeking ways to apply his skills and knowledge to assist others. He harbors a keen interest in Math, Science, and Architecture.

Their innovative journey began in Michoacán, Mexico, where they engaged in various endeavors like farming, raising livestock, and exploring construction. Josue’s experience there, particularly in construction without modern technology, not only honed his skills but also deepened their appreciation for simple living. They embraced a lifestyle close to nature, valuing traditional practices and environmental connection.

Their time in Mexico also inspired a deeper understanding of the challenges faced in Latin American countries, particularly the high cost and dependency on gas for heating and cooking. Josue’s inventive spirit led him to create an affordable solar water heater, which gained popularity locally and was even commissioned by the local government for larger projects. Crystal’s organizational skills and insight played a crucial role in their community-driven initiatives.

When the tiny house movement caught their attention, Crystal and Josue were instantly intrigued. Finally, they embarked on their own tiny house project, utilizing a trailer and Josue’s design expertise, with his father’s help in construction. Their first build, completed over six months of weekend work, marked the beginning of their venture into tiny house construction.

Pacifica Tiny Homes evolved from a side project into a thriving business, now building an average of 10 tiny homes per month. Despite rising costs, they remain committed to offering quality tiny homes at competitive prices.

Their goal is to provide comfortable, affordable, and accessible housing solutions, whether for personal use or as an additional income source. Crystal and Josue’s dedication to their craft and their clients shines through in each home they build, offering a chance for more people to experience the benefits of tiny living.

Roomy Retreat 24' by Sierra Tiny Houses
Roomy Retreat 24′ by Sierra Tiny Houses

Sierra Tiny Houses – Loomis, CA

Sierra Tiny Houses, a tiny house builder based in Northern California and Northern Nevada, offers a diverse range of tiny houses on wheels (THOW) to cater to various budgets and lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for a custom home to call your own or seeking an additional source of income through Airbnb rentals, Sierra Tiny Houses provides a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs.

Beyond just building tiny homes, Sierra Tiny Houses also supports the DIY community. As a dealer for Trailer Made Trailers, a leading name in the industry, they offer not only trailers but also steel frames and tiny home kits. These kits are designed to give DIY enthusiasts a substantial head start in their tiny home construction projects.

26' Tiny House on Wheels - Zen Tiny Homes
Zen Tiny Homes

Zen Tiny Homes – Encinitas, CA

Zen Tiny Homes stands as San Diego’s premier tiny home builder, having garnered significant recognition on television networks like HGTV, A&E, CBS, and KPBS.

Their impact extends beyond media features, as they have been pivotal in leading San Diego’s “Tiny Home Movement.” This leadership role is underpinned by their innovative approach to creating affordable housing solutions in California through their unique tiny homes.

At Zen Tiny Homes, the process of building a home is deeply personalized. They pride themselves on working closely with customers, tailoring each home from the ground up to meet individual needs and preferences. Their commitment to customization ensures that every tiny home they construct is a distinct reflection of their client’s vision.

Whether you’re ready to embark on the journey of designing and building your tiny home, or are just beginning to explore the possibilities, Zen Tiny Homes offers both the expertise and the welcoming environment to guide you through every step of the process.