Laura's Tiny House

Laura’s Tiny House

After a year of dreaming about and designing a tiny home, Laura Klement built her own 16-foot home for ~$18,000, complete with solar panels. The house is approximately 100-square-feet on the main floor and 50-square-feet in the loft.

For the exterior, Laura used reclaimed corrugated steel siding from a salvage yard and some leftover cedar siding from a friend’s house remodel.

Inside, she used Douglas Fir tongue-and-groove for the ceiling and the loft walls. The rest of the walls are painted 1/2″ Birch plywood sheets. In the kitchen is an induction cooktop that pulls out on the top cabinet shelf, an under-counter refrigerator, and sink. Laura also has an RV/boat stove with cooktop and oven that she uses outside during the summer months.

For more information about Laura’s build process, you can visit her blog.

Solar Panels - Laura's Tiny House

In Transit - Laura's Tiny House

Rusty Pocket Door - Laura's Tiny House

Kitchen - Laura's Tiny House

Bedroom Loft - Laura's Tiny House

Hammock - Laura's Tiny House

Tiny House Interior - Laura's Tiny House

Induction Cooktop - Laura's Tiny House

Keyboard - Laura's Tiny House

Steel Stairs - Laura's Tiny House

Bathroom - Laura's Tiny House

Images © Laura Klement

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