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Tiny Solar House

Tiny Solar House

The Tiny Solar House is a 210-square-foot off-grid tiny house on wheels powered by six 280-watt photovoltaic panels.  On a quest to help educate people about the advantages of solar power, the owner, Michael Chance, is taking a journey around the U.S. and stopping at many of the national parks.

The tiny house uses a custom cedar design with aluminum accents built on top of an 18-foot trailer.  Inside, you’ll find a kitchen with an energy-star refrigerator and a four-burner propane stove; a bathroom with fiberglass shower and composting toilet; and a sleeping loft with a queen-sized bed and storage space.

View more details about the tiny house, the solar power system, and follow along the journey across America through the updates page.

Cedar exterior with aluminum accents - Tiny Solar House

Solar panel array - Tiny Solar House

Rear exterior view - Tiny Solar House

Pine walls and laminate flooring - Tiny Solar House

Desk and couch - Tiny Solar House

Projection screen - Tiny Solar House

Kitchen with wrap around counters - Tiny Solar House

Four burner propane stove - Tiny Solar House

Butcher block countertop - Tiny Solar House

Lots of windows for natural light - Tiny Solar House

Queen size bedroom loft - Tiny Solar House

Bedroom loft with storage shelves - Tiny Solar House

Loft detail - Tiny Solar House

Images © Tiny Solar House

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Tiny house with roof deck - Shangri-Little at Live A Little Chatt
Shangri-Little at Live a Little Chatt
Two-tone exterior - Murphy by Tiny Idahomes
Murphy by Tiny Idahomes
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