26' Tiny House on Wheels - The Zen Cottages

Tiny Houses by The Zen Cottages

The Zen Cottages is a tiny house company located in Encinitas, California. They offer three models, each as tall and wide as possible (8.5′ x 13′), and they come in the following lengths:

  • Alpine – A 20′ model for the seasoned traveler.  It is compact and lightweight, designed to be pulled regularly.  Sleeps 1-2 people.
  • Shasta – This 26′ model is their bestseller.  A spacious and affordable design for those wanting a minimalist lifestyle.  Also popular as a guest house or Airbnb rental.  Sleeps up to 3 people comfortably.
  • Mammoth – The massive 32′ tiny house is designed with living space to accommodate up to 4 people.  Great option for families looking to spend more time playing and less time cleaning and maintaining a McMansion.

The Zen Cottages sells completed tiny houses and shells.  Several upgrades are available, including a solar kit, exterior storage, extra loft, a rear entrance, and built-in office workspace.

Prices start at $25,000 for an Alpine shell, which includes electric and finished drywall with white paint.  The tiny houses are RVIA certified, which makes it possible to get financing through an RV loan.

Tiny House with French Doors - The Zen Cottages

Tiny houses built in San Diego California - The Zen Cottages

Exterior View - The Zen Cottages

Rear Exterior View - The Zen Cottages

Tiny House with Solar Panels - The Zen Cottages

Tiny House Interior - The Zen Cottages

Aerial View of Living Room - The Zen Cottages

Aerial View of Kitchen - The Zen Cottages

Tiny House Kitchen - The Zen Cottages

Couch and Coffee Table - The Zen Cottages

Main Floor Bedroom - The Zen Cottages

Bedroom Loft - The Zen Cottages

Bedding Detail - The Zen Cottages

Tiny House Bathroom - The Zen Cottages

Images © The Zen Cottages

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