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Lucky House

Lucky House

The Lucky House is a 200-square-foot tiny house built by Daniel Gibeau using sustainable building materials, solar panels, and propane appliances.

Built on a 2013 PJ car hauler, the tiny house 8’6″ wide by 20′ long, and 13’6″ tall on one side with a sloped roof down to 11′ tall on the short side.

Inside, you’ll find a queen sized loft, kitchen, living room, dining area, and bathroom.

There are two storage spaces, plus several other built-in storage areas.

Bathroom - Lucky Tiny House
Bedroom Loft - Lucky Tiny House
Living Room - Lucky Tiny House
Kitchen - Lucky Tiny House
Living Area - Lucky Tiny House
Entryway - Lucky Tiny House
Bathroom - Lucky Tiny House

Images © Daniel Gibeau